What I Wore: Fringe

HI! Happy Monday!
I swear that I have never been so aware of the days as I have been while blogging. It is the beginning of the week and I am still recovering from my amazing last week. I took a mini break and honestly...it felt G-double O-D good! I am still catching up on your blogs and on leaving some love. Fear not ;)

Last week I got quite a few visits from Mr. UPS. I went a little shoe crazy. BUT in my defense they were cheap (in comparison to what I usually buy) and fill holes in my shoe wardrobe. They are also perfect for transitioning in to Fall. It seems that everybody is looking for the perfect bootie since you y'all LOVED this post. In follow up to that post I did buy a pair from Target.com for TWELVE dollars. You can see them pictured on Taylor from Curly in the City's post. I am still mulling over these Old Navy pairs as well. I have posted the picture of me wearing them on Twitter and everyone loves them in Cognac. Haven't bit the bullet yet!

My most favorite pair that I bought is pictured today. I LOVITY loved them on Kourtney in this pic.I have seen them on many other celebs too. BUT the real clincher was when I saw them on Dani on Big Brother. I LOVE her style and knew that I had to have them. Side note, I am obsessed with Big Brother. I even watch the Live Show on Showtime every night. Yup! I actually ordered them online at 3am. Haha. I have so many outfits planned as the weather cools down! 

This outfit is another example of my Boho Chic look that I am loving more as each day passes. I busted out a sheer, silk Winter Kate cardigan to pair with my drapey tank and cut offs. I love that I can wear darker pieces in ode to Fall while still staying cool and comfortable. 

What I Wore:
Top: Winter Kate 'Lola Cardy' (no longer available)
Tank: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy cut offs (old)
Boots: Minnetonka


  1. ill admit, fringe is one of my least fav looks (i think last time it was popular people didn't do fringe right?)...but i love it on shoes and boots :) especially minnetonka since im basically obsessed with my moccasins from them LOL! :) hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I LOVE these boots!! It's so funny because those booties that everyone is going crazy for right now, look exactly like the ones I thrifted 6 months ago! When they started popping up all over the blog world, I felt so ahead of the times...the first time i've ever felt that way. Can't wait to see how you rock yours ;)

  3. LOVE these boots! I haven't started to purchase my new fall boots but you are definitely providing me some inspiration! Can't wait to see what else you got ;)

  4. I love when you do boho! It looks so fab on you. And those boots are PERFECT for fall!!! Can't wait to see how else you style them, I have a feeling we will be seeing them lots!

  5. You look FABULOUS! It's been way too hot to wear boots here lately, but I'm loving these on you!

  6. lovvvvvve those boots!! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

  7. I was just thinking I needed to invest in fringe boots this season...you read my mind, didn't you ;)

    I'm loving them on your with cut offs...

  8. you look so cute! funny because i'm not a huge fringe person -- yet -- and it's so hot here that the thought of boots is a little intense, however I really want to be wearing those right now. (jealous). xo


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