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I had my life planned out by age 9 and I literally believed that everything I dreamed would come true. In my ealry twenties I realized that my plans weren't exactly God's plans. I decided to listen to his voice instead of (most of the time) my own. Talk about humbling. And in reality I fought his plan until very, very recently.

I spent my Twenties working in Fashion for a Fortune Top 100 company. I followed and lived out my career dreams and ultimately learned that sometimes dreams change. I chose to leave the fast paced, high stress job and life I was living to follow my heart and to chase another dream that I ignored for a long time. 

2012 was a life changing year for me. Leaving my career, ending a long term relationship, getting healthy and turning Thirty have all helped mold me into the person I have always wanted to be. I am truly LIVING life these days. I have never had more FUN!

I still LOVE Fashion and all things related. I am extremely fond of Social Media. I love to write and pour my heart into sharing my experiences with the hope of helping someone else feel like they are not alone in the world. I will never turn down a Country Concert, ice cold beer or a weekend away. The beach will always be my happy place and where I feel free. I believe that high heels are a must, a tan does wonders in making you look slimmer and that even though I work out a lot I will probably never love it. I fall fast, love hard and believe in people even when they don't believe in themselves.

I welcome you to my journey.


  1. I'm loving your 'about me' section!

    - The Fashionable ESQ


  2. Great write up for your about me section. Excited to be your newest follower and to collaborate with you and other fashion bloggers in our little group!


  3. I just found your blog, and I love your honesty in your 'about me'!

    I think we may be the same person :)


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