What I Wore: Flying By

This week is flying by! I feel AWFUL that I haven't had a chance to visit all of your blogs and leave some love! I will do some major catching up this weekend, but I am reading! I LOVED everyone's "Everybody, Everywear's" outfits!

I am headed to the beach this morning for a couple of days and will be away from the computer! This will be my quietest week in a long time (makes me sad) but I am happy to have a few days to spend with my WHOLE fam bam. BOTH of my sisters are in So Cal!!! Woot woot! Which means that my sissies, my darling nephew, amazing parents and our long time family friends (that I call my second family) will all be shacking up! FUN times, I am super excited.

Yesterday I got to attend the taping of Fashion Star, which will air on NBC this winter. I want to BLAB away about the experience but unfortunately I cannot share much due to signing a confidentiality agreement. Boo! SO I will share this...
  • Being in the same room with Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson was awesome. Hearing them chat with the contestants showed me how smart they are in running their personal businesses and how much they have grown. Mad respect!
  • Nicole looked amazing. Jessica's outfit wasn't my fav :(
  • I now TRULY understand why Elle MacPherson is a Super Model. Hot damn! She is beautiful and humble. She looked phenom and her dress and heels were KILLER!
  • This show is going to be AMAZING! It has an element that has never been done before. This is not another Project Runway copycat. 
  • We got to see a Fashion Show of Nicole's Spring line, Winter Kate. I am DYING. It looks better than ever. Best part of the day!
  • Lionel Richie stopped by. "Hello? Is it me your looking for...". Nothing like 80's L.R. to put a smile on my face.
  • No camera's or phones allowed. So zero pics. I didn't even photograph my outfit. Sucky!
  • I am 95% sure that I will be shown in the audience. We had GREAT seats. I am on the second to last show which will air in February!
I am super wordy today. Thanks for making it this far ;)
This is an outfit from the other day. I just wanted to be comfortable. A soft tee, shorts and flip flops are the perfect combo. This is my new Stylemint tee. I am again in LOVE with the fabric and softness. The stripes are sheer and I plan on dressing this shirt up with all black and a hot pink bra soon. A little edge to a basic...be on the look out :)

Flying By

 What I Wore:
Top: Stylemint
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy
Belt: Michael Kors
Sunnies: Chloe
Rings: Jewelmint "Aqua Bomb" and "Neo bedrock"

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  1. Super cute outfit! I love all your cute poses, too!

  2. You look AMAZING! I'm jealous of your tan & your legs. Love the purple.

  3. lionel stopped by?!?!?! omg that would have been my fav part LOL! and i love the purple shorts :) i like them because they are like the perfect length...not too short but not too long. they look classy but fashionable :)

  4. Sounds like you had an AMAZING day! That is so exciting.

    Hope you have a fun trip doll!

  5. Wanted to show you these regarding your post a few days ago...


    not bad, although you might not be able to tuck in jeans? Also go through ebates.com and get some money back and if you sign up for emails you get a one time 10% off which pretty much pays for the shipping.

  6. I was wondering how it went yesterday! Glad to hear it was so good. Can't wait to see the episode!! Sucks you couldn't take any pictures! This is a cute look & LOVING the colorful shorts. Have a great time on your little vacay!!! :)

  7. ok so i wasn't interested whatsoever in the show, but i'm def going to check it out now!

    LOVE those purple shorts!

  8. I love the color of those shorts! Fierce!

  9. you had me at purple shorts...period.

  10. I love these purple shorts and what an amazing show! I can't wait for it to air!

  11. Holy crap! you were in the same room as Nicole? Yahoo!! Girl I was in Theory in LA one time, looked over the rack I was thumbing through and none other than Lionel Richie himself was on the other side. I was a deer in the headlights and almost screamed out DANCING ON THE CEILING!!! He must be a mind reader b/c he started laughing and said hello. I'm not even sure how I left the store.


  12. so cool you went to Fashion Star taping!! That sounds so awesome, I love being near celebrities- so exciting!! Have so much fun with your Sisters and I love those purple shorts~!

  13. the color of those shorts is perfect on you. You look fab. Have fun at the beach relaxing. Wish I was there too!


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