Mugshot Monday {12}

Hands down, the most pictures I have saved on my computer are of Hilary Duff. I love her style and think that she is drop dead gorgeous! I am over the moon excited for her...in case you missed every gossip pages, twitter and news updates...she announced that she is pregnant. She is going to be DARLING as a preggers. I cannot wait to see the looks she pulls off. Since she is celebrating her marriage and pregnancy I will be posting about her a few times this week. Perfect excuse to use some of those saved photos ;)

{image via gossipcenter.com}

I think the real reason that I love this picture so much is because I think it is super relatable. I have been TRYING to wear more lipstick and to step up my eye make up game but it is hard. Looking glam without the drama is hard and I think that Hilary pulls it off. Her dramatic lashes are amazing. They look like mink! Her smokey eye looks like it is done in mauve's and shimmery gold/pink. It is girly, pretty and polished. I love the nude lips with the slight sheen. I think that this look is perfect for a night out!

What do you think of Hil's look?


  1. BEAUTIFUL... I hadn't heard about Hillary.. but then again.. I am pretty much out of the loop over here. :-).

  2. I too love her! She's so sweet, I've been a fan of Lizzie Maguire. She looks gorg here!


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