Fashionista Friday: Short Booties

I am pretty much obsessed with finding the perfect short, thick or flatter heeled bootie. Isabel Marant is known for her amazing designs but I cannot afford $650+ shoes now or anytime in the near future. Seeing the booties on these fashionable ladies makes me green with envy ;) I think that the bootie is the PERFECT Fall transition shoe. I can pair it with shorts and long sleeved blouses as the nights start to get chillier and with leggings and chunky knits come Winter. I am on the hunt. If you see anything like these shoes for a great price in the near future...holler! Please and Thank you!

{most images are from starstyleinc.com (all Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan pics) and Google Image search: Short booties. If you know the exact source please let me know and I will properly cite}
 I LOVE this look. Denim on denim with taupe booties. I would so copy this!
 I really LOVE this oversized tee/dress. Great way to sass up a basic.
 This outfit anyone can wear (minus the Hermes belt. That I would DIE to have) because we all have these pieces in our closet. Perfect for Fall transition!
 These booties are a little higher than I am looking for but I love the outfit and the leopard scarf (shocker :))
 Winter Uniform. Military jacket, white tee and cuffed jeans! Comfy chic.
 I adore Rachel Bilson and this look. I love the tweed jacket with the over sized blouse and cut offs. Sassy!
 LASTLY, if I found a pair NOW I can wear them in the Summer time!!! Striped silk blouse and GRAY cut offs (I need to make me a pair of these!). My favorite look to emulate right now!

What do you think of these looks? Is there an item you are lusting over? 

Happy Friday, Fashionistas!
Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I have not been a booties girl in the past, but I tried a pair on and instantly fell in love. They have a bit of a stiletto heel (so not good in the snow) but they are gorg! Love these looks!

  2. I am really loving the booties! Since I've always been a sneaker or flop kinda gal, I've never worn them but plan to this year. I love the looks you chose.

  3. I know these are not exact but I thought you might like them and they are all under $501





    Hope theses!

  4. i like the boots with the higher heels! i think they are fantastic!

    jos xx

  5. Join the club girl! I have been looking around like crazy! I can only hope that there will be more options closer to fall. You may be able to swing these. Perfect bootie, too rich for my blood though...


  6. La-love! I need a fab pair of ankle boots!

  7. So cute! I've seen a lot of knock offs of this brand. Hopefully you can find a comparable one.


  8. I always see Kate Bosworth wearing those boots. She sure does love them! And I'm loving the ones Rachel Bilson is wearing. She looks perfect in everything! Definitely need to get myself some new booties!

  9. So cute, I love this look for summer/fall. And yes, I would KILL for an Hermes "H" belt!

  10. luuuv the Rachel Bilson look, she is one of my favorite fashionistas!! great post, hope you find your boots, lady!


  11. THANKS for all of the comments. I responded to everyone that has an email attached but I wanted to respond to those that don't...

    @Jos XX:I LOVE HIGH heels but I own too many. Excited to try a different look. Thank you for the comment

    @Charcoal and Lime: Thanks for commenting again. Those Loeffler's are GORGEOUS. $395 is waaaayyy better than $650 but I can't do it yet! I appreciate the suggestion!

    @Courtney: Thanks girl!! I have found some knock off's as well but I am holding out for the perfect pair! THANK you for commenting.

    Happy Weekend friends!

  12. Love these short boots! Mandy I hope you can find the ones similar to Isabel Marant because they're awesome! Have you checked Piperlime? They have a lot of great selections and it is affordable too!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE this combo, casual chic

    ox Leslie


  14. I need some booties for the fall!

  15. im a huge fan of short boots but unfortunately unless im wearing tights, they cut off my legs reallllly bad making them look even larger than they are (and trust me, my legs are the biggest thing on my body). so ive never had much confidence when wearing them! i do wear them during the winter with dresses and tights though!

  16. Taupe booties are definitely on my Fall wishlist!

    Check it out!


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