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My day always gets better when I hear from you. I feel so blessed to have readers and people that really like what I have to say about fashion. I know that everyone is not always going to agree. In the last few days I have heard that readers have rocked the side braid, love Chambray and want to know my thoughts on questionable outfits. I have also been told that it is hard to find where to comment (at the end of the post where it says COMMENT HERE!!!) and that I need to do more posts on how to wear certain trends. My mind is whirling. I am so excited to have the opportunity to grow and stretch in my blogging. SO comment, tweet, text, email or call me. I love the shout outs and inspiration.

 This post is for Kimmie.

Kimmie tweeted me an outfit and asked me if I could blog about it. I was happy to because the outfit is B-A-D! She was so happy that I agreed that she said, "So glad you agree...cause I know NOTHING about fashion and would have cried if you said she looked fab." I truly LAUGHED out loud!

The Picture
The culprit: Whitney Port

One word...."UMmmmm"

I am not sure that I can even put my thoughts into words. She is wearing an Anorak as a dress. With yellow boots. And her handbag is so random with that combination.

Good thoughts: She is wearing Chambray and those are HOT sunglasses. That is about it.

What do you all think?
I am sure you can add some great descriptive words to the outfit description!


  1. Bwahaha! You crack me up! And THANK YOU. I still don't know what any of those fancy words mean that you used to describe her outfit, but Google is bound to help my poor fashion-free brain. xo

  2. this is just SAD. looks like the "walk of shame" or something but holding all her overnight clothes in a shopping bag as a disguise.


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