One hundred AND nine: J Brand 'Houlihan' cargo skinny pants

On the first season of Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, I fell in love with a pair of capri cargos in Olive green. Jessica wore them with a pale pink tube top and wedges. I found a pair that were very similar at Old Navy...And I just retired them last year (yes, 7 years later. HEY! They still fit too.) I have seen many celebs wearing the J Brand 'Houlihan' cargo skinnies. And I think I love them just as much as my beloved Old Navy pair. I have blogged multiple time about my love for Olive green. I just keep adding to the list.

This outfit is my absolute favorite

This is my second favorite :)

I love how every celeb makes them their own. They all look different in the same pants. Which outfit is your favorite?

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