One hundred AND eight: Cynthia Vincent for Target

Everyone loves Target. And I am no exception. I can drop more money in that store than most places. I never leave without spending at least a hundred bucks. I love that they have built a reputation to partner with some fantastic up and coming and established designers. When I heard that Cynthia Vincent was designing shoes for Target I had to get in on the action. And THANKS to my friends Lauren and Jessica for posting about it on Facebook that I got two pairs at 12:30am, BEFORE everything was sold out online.

My two choices...
Gladiator Wedges (I got them in black)

Print ballet flats

Did you pick up a pair??
What did you get?

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  1. Now i can see your comment box!! i got the same gladiator wedges in cognac! i cannot wait to get them in the mail!

    also - i went to target today (on my lunch break, LOL) and bought 3 Eugenia Kim hats!!! OMG Mandy they are so cute!


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