one hundred Ten: Sparkle and Shine

It has been awhile since I posted about shiny, sparkly things. I still have a thing for sequins. Last November I tweeted about how AMAZING Carrie Underwood looked performing in a pair of sequin shorts. She then wore a BANGIN' sequin dress on Sunday at the ACM's. Her legs are PHENOMENAL. I personally don't have the body to rock such booty hugging short shorts, even if they are covered in sequins.

Everyone has done some incarnation of this trend: Chanel, Gryphon, H & M, Topshop, F21 and everything in between.
I did find a pair that I WOULD wear.
Gryphon The Sequin Short


  1. Daaammn those a little shorts Carrie - but she can rock them so good for her! I loveee those Gryphon shorts!

  2. okay how much are those shorts?!? I would totally wear them too!

  3. I now have a new "leg model" for my May 14th goal. Thank you. ;)


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