Ninety Three: What NOT to wear

I feel bad. I really do. BUT I have to post this picture. And while I know that my 365 posts should be about what I LOVE I can honestly say that I love to hate this outfit. The reason that I feel bad is that I think that the media is really mean to this celeb (if you want to call her that). And I don't mean to jump on the bad-mouthing bandwagon.

But. This. Outfit. Is. Awful.

-Yes the eighties and nineties are back.
-Yes the original cast of Beverly Hills 90210 wore similar outfits.
-Yes Florals are hot right now.

With that said...
This outfit should be BURNED!
Please tell me you agree! It is all wrong. Colored denim is out. High waisted jeans are out. The top should NOT be tied up and knotted. The shoes are ugly and do not go. All BAD. And it does nothing for her body and her shape!

I promise to go back to being nice in my next post. This had to be shared. Thanks for your understanding!


  1. I 100% agree. It's awful and so unflattering.

  2. holy cow she is one hot mess! poor thing, what really was she thinking?!?!


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