Fashion Star

How many of you have been watching Fashion Star?
I know the show opened to many mixed reviews and tonight's episode is the second to last. I was able to actually be at the taping for this episode (it was taped last August) and had such high hopes for the show. I agree with many that there was too much information for an hour episode and that they set up the show horribly. It was hard to follow and they seemed to skip designers and mentor's commentary. I do think that it has gotten a little better as they have eliminated designers. I don't know if the show has gotten the ratings for a second season, but if they do the show again I am hoping the change some things. As for the talent...it is a mixed bag. Many of the designers didn't impress me at all. I am kind of surprised at the attitudes of some of the designers as well. My favorite and the one I am rooting for is, Orly Shani. I love her attitude, the fact that she wears her heart on her sleeve and obviously her designs. My fingers are crossed that she makes it to the finale and doesn't get cut tonight (we weren't able to see the elimination so I don't know).

If someone were to listen to my opinion on how to make the show more marketable, these are the things I would do...
  • Set up the show on a format: there needs to be continuoty for the viewer to understand how the show works, who the designer is and give everyone fair air time.
  • Drop Elle (she is gorgeous but not a great interviewer or host) and find someone who can carry the show and ask appropriate questions
  • Give the mentors more time to advise and share their talent
  • Challenge the designers to make similar pieces so that we can see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. 
  • If necessary make the first few episodes longer so that you can really get depth out of the contestants and mentors.

I hope that you will tune in tonight and keep an eye out for me in the audience! I am to the left of the stage, smack dab in the middle. Best bet in catching a glimpse is when they are looking at the buyers :)

Let me know what you think of the show, I am interested to see if you loved or hated it. The concept is there but it leaves me longing for more.


  1. I had planned on watching the show but became too busy to watch it. I may record it tonight just to look for you!

  2. I don't watch it :( I'm sorry it's not your fave in its current format but sounds like you have some good ideas.

    Let me know if you're on the episode!! I'll watch it OnDemand and watch for you!

  3. i haven't watched a single episode, there's just too much tv i watch already

  4. i haven't watched a single episode, there's just too much tv i watch already

  5. Watched the first episode but just couldn't get into it. Also didn't really love a lot of the pieces either.


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