What I Wore: Rocker Style

One week...
One week...
One week til my Birthday!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I spent the weekend relaxing. I have been going non stop and needed to kick back a little. I realized this when I completely slept through my alarm (missing my work out) and making me almost (really) late for work. I think my body was trying to tell me something. In the mad race to make it to work on time I literally pulled out these clothes and threw them on. Surprisingly I love how the outfit turned out even though it was super casual. Honestly...this is how I tend to look more often then not.

This outfit had a kind of rocker feel. Snake print jeggings with an old concert tee screams rocker to me. Haha. I just grabbed my blinged out flip flops, threw on some sunnies and ran out the door

Rocker Style

What I Wore:

Concert Tee: Trunk LTD. it is REALLY old. (similar cheap version) (similar mid priced) (similar expensive version)
Jeans: Gap (similar)
Flip Flops: Havaiana (somewhat similar)


  1. Love this outfit! I have those jeans, but haven't worn them in several months. Might have to break them out with one of my tshirts!

  2. Loving this look! Sometimes we need to take a break. Last week I had to take Monday off from working out because I felt completely exhausted.

  3. You look fantastic! Love this outfit!

  4. Love this look, you totally rock chica! Oh, and my birthday is the 13th, I knew I liked you for a reason!!

  5. i love vintage looking rocker tees...in fact i'm on a mission to add more to my collection.

    you looking adorable as always. love the bun, love the sunnies, love the blinged out flippes and love your show! the end.

  6. really cute, i love the bun with the sunglasses!!! I wish my hair would do those big buns, she just won't do it!

    one week left to go!!

  7. Sometimes that best looks are put together without really thinking. Love when that happens! You look completely comfortable and casual but totally put together.

  8. I love this!
    I want an old band tshirt with holes in it. Sometimes it's nice to go casual.
    I like to liven up that look with not taking a shower for 3 days.....so gross.
    I'm so tired I literally forgot to shower for the past 3 days....

    And I just realized this is a blog comment and not a text message.

  9. You look fabulous in your rocker chic ensemble! And I've been meaning to tell you much I love the polish on your toes. The pink adds the perfect pop of color! :)


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