What I Wore: Perfect Fitting pants no more!

THANK you all for sharing your favorite glasses on me!
It was really fun to read what you all thought. I will let you know what I decide but I can tell you that my personal fav was NOT one of the more popular ones to you. Haha. I completely spaced on sharing with you that the glasses are ONLY $95. SUPER affordable! I hope that you all check them out if you have the need! I also mentioned that I hiked to the Hollywood Sign last week. If you didn't catch the pics on Twitter or Instagram you can read about the experience on my personal blog.

I pulled out my perfect fitting pants the other day. These pants have been a go to for the past two years. I have not worn them since I started losing weight. Low and behold they are loose! They don't hug and are baggy and ripple in some areas. I am excited (and a little sad since I have the hardest times with pants). I am holding strong to NOT buying clothes this month, even though I have gone to try on for the fun of it. No clothes until I truly NEED them because the ones I currently own do not fit :)

I generally wear a looser fitting top when I wear really tight pants. I also wanted to wear a scarf while I still can. It has been warm but not hot so I figured I would take advantage. I love cognac paired with olive so my JS shoes were the perfect complement. These shoes continue to do no wrong in my eyes. I LOVE them so much.

Perfect Pants No More
 These pants were a lot tighter here

What I Wore:

Top: Lush (no longer avail)
Pants: Old Navy (no longer avail)
Scarf: Jessica Simpson (no longer avail)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (no longer avail)
Glasses: Gucci

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  1. What a cute outfit! And I love that scarf.

  2. Yay for the not so perfect fitting pants!! That is great news Mandy!! You are looking great. Love the scarf with this look. It really pulls everything together.

  3. I'm sorry these pants don't really fit anymore because they are cute, but you're looking and doing great!!!!!!

  4. You look GORGEOUS! And hooray for loose fitting pants!!!! Congrats, lady! All that hard work is paying off!!
    Smart n Snazzy

  5. I think the loose pants look AWESOME on you. In fact, I would love to own them. The shoes are totally sassy, but oh my poor feet would pain me. Great outfit, the scarf just pops.

  6. super cute. i can't wait to see you next week. you're going to die when i tell you what i had to do w my pants today....

  7. sorry- didn't blog for a day- YES!!! HOW EXCITING! though it sucks to not count on "perfect pants"- hey, if it fits with your long-term goal than yes, yes, yes!!! love this outfit too. proud of you!

  8. love this scarf paired with the green !


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