What I Wore: Perfectly fitting Pants

It isn't often that I find pants that fit me to perfection. From the cut, to the length and the amount of fabric at my ankle it is hard to find. These pants are perfect. They hug all of the right places, hit exactly where I want them to, do not stretch out and doesn't have a teeny, slight flare at my ankle. I am a huge fan of my legs. They are athletic and strong. The only complaint I have is that most boots do not fit and that pants can be a challenge.

Pairing the perfect pants with my favorite button up and some leopard is the best combo. I looked chic and put together without even trying. This was an amazing outfit for a Monday. Started off my week with a bang! Woohoo!

I CANNOT post today without mentioning the celeb drama.
While niether story is surprising it was definitely big news.

Kim K. files for divorce. This saddens and sickens me. The people that society puts on a pedalstool have no idea how to uphold the sanctity of marriage. Thay make a mockery of something so sacred. NO AMOUNT of money, sham or no sham, is worth selling your soul for the limelight. It is disgusting.

On a happier note, Miss Jessica Simpson FINALLY announced her pregnancy!
It was done in the cutest way possible. Totally put a smile on my face!
She dressed up as a mummy stating that she was in fact going to be a 'mummy'. Cute and kitschy way to play with words.
(I won't go into how sad I think it is that she is not married. I am a true traditionalist and a little old fashioned. I know this!)

Alright...outfit time.

Perfectly Fitting Pants

What I Wore:
Blouse: Old Navy (similar)
Pants: Old Navy (no longer available)
Shoes: Steve Madden 'Westii' (on SALE now)
Necklace: Kendra Scott 'Eme' (no longer available) 


  1. Love the outfit!

    Just as the word on internet says...Kim K and the other celebs that stay married for less than a couple months are the poster children for gay marriage. A traditionalist myself, I think everyone deserves a chance and marital bliss-no matter what your orientation may be.

    Secondly, I agree with you about the Jessica thing. I think children out of wedlock miss out on crucial family building moments. Being a single mom (who had CJ while married) my kid misses out on stuff, but I think it's important for parents to be married, then consider bringing a life into this world!

    Okay, off my soapbox :)

    Again, great outfit.

  2. Those pants do fit you perfectly! Love them!

    I won't go into the celeb news because I am sure I will go on a rant.

    Anyway, you look fabulous and I LOVE those pants.

  3. I'm totally with on the Jessica-not-being-married thing. And the Kardashians just disgust me in general, so I won't go there . . .

    But I will mention that you have the most perfect legs for pants like that. I can't get over it! They are SO insanely flattering on you! Love the pretty white blouse with them too. So lovely!

  4. Those pants are AMAZING on you. I want a pair! Geez. Paired with them shoes too! Love.

    Oh Kim Kardashian. Just when I had a the slightest amount of hope for her. What a disaster.

  5. Ooh, that IS a good pair of pants!
    And yes... Kim makes me want to barf.

  6. Cute outfit! Glad J Simpson came clean. She's so cute. and Kim K = no shocker! ugh.

  7. Um... army green pants and leopard shoes?!? L.O.V.E.! These pants DO look fabulous on you and are so flattering!

    I'm glad Jessica finally came out and said she was pregnant, and I love how she did it! Kim on the other hand, RIDICULOUS! Everyone keeps saying how bad they feel for her, WHAT ABOUT HIM?!?

  8. Love the pants on you, VERY flattering look. Kim K...it's just really not even worth talking about. Loved Jessica's mummy costume, so cute. I agree, I would prefer them to be married too. P.S. Congrats on the new job!!!

  9. those pants make your legs look amaaaaaaaaaaazing!! get every color! :D

  10. Love the pants...too bad they are no longer available, I'd love a pair!

  11. Indeed it is fab to have perfectly fitting clothes. I always go to GAP for jeans and work trousers as I know they will fit me, length, hips and waist. Working out where to buy trousers makes life so much easier!

    Have a fabulous weekend.

  12. hysterical bc i saw your pics before reading the headline and was like, damn, those pants fit her to perfection. Clearly, you agree!



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