What I Want Wednesday {22}

No Shopping, no shopping, no shopping! WHAM!
Do you all remember the TV show game with the WHAMMY'S?? 
I feel like I am screaming, "no shopping" and WHAM! I fall in love with something else.
I know that this "shopping budget" is going to be harder than I thought! Haha.

My plan for November is to budget, budget, budget.
I am allotting myself with $50 a pay period to buy Clothes and Shoes!
(I am fully aware that this may be pennies to some and a large budget to others)
I want to stay focused on buying things I need and not always buying whatever I want and giving into my frivolous ways. I do not "need" for much. Being a Fashion lover I definitely talk myself into buying things that are not necessary just because I "want" them. I am growing up and need to save some pennies instead of spending them. My savings account is totally in my closet. Ha! I have some amazing shoes and bags ;)
So that is the plan! I am sticking to it!

The irony of posting the things I want while on a budget is just spectacular!
I am using these posts to really determine HOW I want to spend my money.

I don't know what it is about Zara shoes but I am loving them lately! I am pretty much obsessed with these baby's. I think they need a sister. These glitter heels will do the trick! SUPER hot heels.

{image via Zara.com}

I also cannot get this orange dress out of my head. The Clothes Hound is a store in North Carolina that has an incredible social media outreach (HI Mary!!!). They follow me on Twitter and are loyal readers of the blog. They posted the dress on Facebook and I HAVE to HAVE it! I am 99% sure that this is what I will be spending a majority of my allowance on. Be sure and visit The Clothes Hound's online store. Such great picks!

{image via shopclotheshound.com}

Fall is FINALLY starting to show it's face here in So Cal. There is a slight crisp in the air. I love sweaters and this one from Old Navy (yes, I LOVE this store. I find the best things) is JUST what I need to update my wardrobe. It is perfect for the chilly nights and I love the cowl neck. Plus the detailing of the knit is pretty.

{image via oldnavy.com}

I shared my budget, I shared my wants.
Help me decide how to spend my money!!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Literally wrote a post today about the shopping ban...and basically said the exact same things you did! LOL It's definitely not easy!

  2. Definately go for the shoes. Yup, no doubt in my mind. Then again, this is coming from a girl that is obsessed with shoes...

  3. I just saw these shoes last week athttp://guidetostyle.blogspot.com/2011/10/recent-outfit.html

    Very cute!

  4. You remind me of Carrie from SATC, she said something about having her money in her closet, right where she can see it. Ha!

  5. I dont usually have any luck at Old Navy but that gray cowl neck dress is adorable.

  6. LOVE those Zara shoes - they are gorgeous! And yes that Old Navy dress is amazing!

  7. ahfreakingamazing..

    that dress is kind of like the one i got from lulus!

  8. Good luck my dear. I need to put myself on a shopping budget, plan to do this once I am finally moved. I really like those shoes! But I am shoe girl!


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