Happy Halloween my friends!
I hope you all have a SAFE and fun evening out. I don't know if you are aware BUT I actually don't celebrate Halloween. Never really have. So I live vicariously through all of you!
I am excited to see your Halloween W.I.W posts!

I cannot believe that it is Monday again. There are only two months left in the year. Holy Bananas!
It is also the last day of the month...which means the shopping ban has been lifted.
WOOHOOO! I have to share that I did cheat. I bought a pair of jeans at Old Navy that were on sale for eight dollars (they are NOT as cheap on line. So hit up your local store!). I couldn't NOT buy them, I mean I spend more on lunch. Therefore I almost made it 31 days without buying clothes or accessories. I am proud of myself. I am changing my spending
habits (along with my eating and working out habits, but that is another story) and I need to continue to make smart choices. So I will have a new challenge for myself for November. Stay tuned.

{image via oldnavy.com}

THANK you all for the CONGRATS and checking in on the new position.
It is challenging and rewarding. I am immersing myself and trying to figure out the best way to make a difference in a new market. Once I get my arms wrapped around the position and where it is going I think my life will be a little more normal. If you haven't checked out the jewels and baubles we sell then you MUST! AND you if find something you like you can call the LA store and we will ship it out! 
(yes I am SHAMELESSLY plugging my store. Buy something people! Lol)


9511 S. Santa Monica Blvd
(on the corner of Rodeo and S. Santa Monica)
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Store hours

M-W 10am - 6pm, Th-Sat 10am - 7pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm
Phone number 310-888-8600

I promise you all that I will have outfit posts again. I mean, I wear clothes every day. I don't walk around naked. ;) But actually taking pictures, editting them and typing a post out has been too daunting. Especially as I am trying to focus on my health, eating well and working out. The last six months have been life changing. Putting me first has been a truly eye opening, hard to do, rewarding and often times painful. Painful for me in what I have learned and what I missed out on. Painful for others as I know that I have hurt people in this process. It has been powerful to see how much I can affect, change and grow. I am a different person and have really grown into who I am meant to be. You all see the outside, what I wear and how I look. The fact that I have posted pics of myself almost daily and not cared or stressed about every flaw, is a true testament to the confidence I have found and in believing myself. Changing on the inside is so hard. Pretty pictures don't show HOW much we battle our inner demons. SOoooooo....that is where I am at and what I am going through. Along with the new job. FUN, huh??

I obviously had a lot to share. I am not always that wordy and I definitely don't pour out my heart on this blog. Hope I didn't scare you and that you know me a little better.

Have a great day! XOXO


  1. Congrats on finishing the shopping ban. Only cheating once is GREAT! You did so much better than I would have. I can't wait to hear your November challenge.

    Glad you are enjoying the new job. Doing what you love is so important!

    Love it that you are changing (taking control) of your life. I wish I could learn to change on the inside. It's so much easier said than done. Keep up the good work girlie! Sounds like you are right on track.

  2. Congrats on your shopping ban! I seriously think anything under $10 shouldn't count anyways! ;)

    I'm happy for you in your transformation. I went through a similar change a few years ago after a bad breakup, and although I thought I was in hell then, I'm glad today that I went through it.

    I am so jealous about your job, I'm glad its going well! Keep your chin up beautiful!

    Oh, I too am starting with better eating and working out habits- want to keep each other accountable?

  3. I'm so happy for you friend! It's a hard journey to go on, accepting/ loving yourself, but one that is vital and worth it. and I love those jeans!

  4. as someone who completed my own shopping ban - remember NO SHOPPING MAY!? - i am very proud of you! i know it wasn't easy!

    excited for all of your successes :)


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