What I Wore: Bruised

It has been a long week, my friends!
Yesterday I really felt the time crunch. So much to do and fit in and so little time. I already feel like my fitness and food regimen is a full time job. I have a real job, family and friends, this fancy blog, some pretty cool blog events and birthday parties galore that are pulling me in 100 directions. I know that I am not alone and that we all have busy schedules, so I am not complaining. I know how blessed I am. Sometimes life just gives you a little slap. I got mine yesterday. :)

My post title and outfit coincide. Wearing black and blue made me feel like I was dressed like a bruise all day. AND life hitting me like it did left me feeling bruised. Haha. I am so clever. ANYWAYS...I picked up these shoes from Target (I told you the have UPPED their game) and I was dying to wear them so I planned my outfit around them. I have not worn this Stylemint shirt yet and I knew I wanted to pair them together. I was going to wear all black but it felt too formal. I threw on my grey/black jeggings and liked the contrast. I added my favorite jewelry (all blue accents of course) and really liked how this outfit turned out.

What I Wore:

Jeggings: Hue
Necklace: Kendra Scott 'Rayne' (similar color), Kendra Scott 'Kiri' 
Bracelets: Kendra Scott 'Leanne' (Similar)


  1. I bought those same shoes a couple of weeks ago!!!

    Now I just need somewhere to wear them!!

  2. I love the combination of black and blue.... in fashion anyway! LOVE those shoes. My target is seriously slacking lately getting in new styles. I need to start looking online.

  3. I hope today gets better!! I love this combo and those shoes are fabulous! Why is my Target slacking so much!

  4. You look gorgeous!! If you ever get sick of your KS jewelry you know who to sell it to ;)

    And those shoes are super fabulous! How (un)comfortable are they?

  5. I agree! A job, working out and a blog are a ton to juggle!!!

    On to the outfit- you look so hot! Seriously- hot! I love this look on you.

  6. I adore this, and those shoessss amazing, told you they were fab!

  7. saw those SKY high heels at Target and thought who can wear these? ? they are so tall!!... but here we have my fav shoe collector rocking them! you look amazing


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