Eyes are the windows to your soul!

So frame them fashionably!

Once upon a time when I was 9 years old I was a book worm (that hasn't changed). No SERIOUS book worm was without glasses. I wanted them SO bad, even though I didn't need them. I even tried to cheat on my eye test. I was a weirdo! Haha. Well last year I was having a harder time seeing signs when driving. My nine year old dreams came true. I needed glasses. For driving at night and reading for longs amount of time. Read my post and see the glasses that I got last year!

I had been hearing about Warby Parker for months. First my friend, Andrea, picked some out. Then I read about my blogger bud, Caitlin, getting a pair. Obviously I had to check the line out because after a year I needed a new pair too! I love the concept of the company. You go online, pick out five frames, then they ship them out to you FREE of charge for five days. You get to try them on, wear them around and really find the perfect pair for your face and lifestyle! I had so much fun playing around with them. I would love your help in choosing my next frames.

{I am wearing Kendra Scott 'Karina' earrings and Revlon 'Blackberry' lipstick}

Things to note:
1. My left eyebrow AND my ear is higher than the right side. It is VERY obvi in these pics.
2. There are other color options for the frames since a few of them are drastic...in both directions, light and dark.
3. A majority of the frames scream HIPSTER to me and I don't fit into that category at all BUT I still like the frames. 


I am keeping my lips zipped so that I do not influence you in any way :)


  1. I thought I was like the only person that had the eyebrow thing! Mine drives me crazy, especially when it looks so weird in pictures. But, ANYWAY... I've been thinking about trying out the Warby Parker thing when it's time for new glasses. I guess I'm going to have to because these are cute! I like either the Preston or the Pierce because the frame is a bit more petite and I really love the look of the lighter frame color on you with the Preston. Can't wait to see what you pick!!

  2. Ohhhh, I need some new glasses too. I'll have to check this site out. I have an extremely wide face and virtually no bridge so finding the right frames are VERY hard for me. I've had friends order from Coastal Contacts but I'm too scared the frames won't fit.

    I love the first and third pair on you!

  3. Pierce is my fave!

    Tenley would make cute sunglasses!

  4. The next time I get frames I am definitely checking them out. I really like your frame choices but my favorites are Pierce and Crosby.

  5. Peirce and tenley! I love the Preston love this post

  6. I love the Thatcher on you! Even though they are hipster, they look great on you!!!
    Smart n Snazzy

  7. i like pierce in a lighter frame color!

  8. I love the Preston and the Pierce!! you look adorable!!

  9. I Love the Preston, with the Pierce in a close second!

    And BTW< I totally used to try to cheat on my eye exam when I was younger too! I wanted glasses soooo bad. Damn this perfect eyesight ;)

    Katie- Hems For Her

  10. crosby and preston are my two faves

    this is the coolest idea ever. i want to get some more hipster glasses myself, next time i'm ready i'm def going to give this company a whirl!

  11. Preston, Peirce or Crosby-so cute! I love Warby Parker. My sister has their some of their readers. I tried a few sunnies. They all look great on you!

  12. YAY!!!! dear Lawd, they all look good on you- no joke! Thatcher are what I have right now and they're so huge, right?? haha. I have gotten used to them though but I just ordered Sibley so I have a more normal pair too! I gotta say my top two are probably Pierce and Crosby with Preston really close behind. But honestly, I think they all look so good. The Preston are so fashionable too on you. I wanna know which you pick!

  13. is it too late to vote? Preston please! :)


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