What I Wore: Plaid, Red and Target Booties

It's Monday. Again.
BUT yesterday was daylight savings (one of my favorite days) which means that tonight, and every night until October, it will stay light later!
I will GLADLY give up an hour of sleep to have the sun shine until 8pm. Summer is so close I can taste it. And nothing makes me happier! Speaking of Summer it was almost 90 degrees when I wore this outfit. And I was stuck in the office when all I wanted to do was be laying out at the beach with my toes in the sand. Boo hoo...I know ;)

I have been STALKING these booties from Target since late November. I don't know why I waited so dang long to buy them. But I got them at 50% off which made it easier to buy another pair of shoes. I have quite a few outfits planned around them. I am sad that I wasn't able to get them in taupe. SO if any of you happen to see them in an 8 1/2 (even an 8) BUY them and I will love you forever (and pay you through paypal!). I wanted to wear them with color and think I accomplished that. Busting out my red skinnies, trying to wear them until they don't fit anymore, seemed appropriate and pairing it with my plaid flannel was just the touch I needed. Jewelry always helps feminize a more masculine look. 
P.S. THIS is what my hair looks like dried naturally. I think if I added some product I could make it work. 

I laid low all weekend. I slept, worked out and slept. It was awesome.
Did you all do anything fun??

Plaid, Red, Booties

 What I Wore:

Top: Xhiliration (no longer available)
Tank: BP via Nordy's
Shoes: Mossimo 'Kaylor' (no longer available)
Jewelry: Kendra Scott 'Rayne' necklace and bangles


  1. Love this look! The color are great and the booties are so cute. I had my eye on those boots at target as well, but my store never carries many sizes so there weren't any left to mark down.

  2. I am loving this look! Those boots are fabulous and if I see them I will get them for you. I am planning a Target run tomorrow :) Looking good lady and I love your hair natural.

  3. I am definitely excited for the lighter evenings though I am sooooo tired today that it's a bit rough. Love the outfit, so classic American chic.

  4. I love those booties. I have a similar Dolce Vita pair in blue and I think they're just so cute. Love how you styled them too!

  5. Going to Target sometime this week - I'll keep my eyes peeled for those booties for you! And (of course) I love your jewelry!

  6. I LOVE those booties too and am SO sad I can't find them in a 9 1/2 or 10. :(

    You look fabulous chica!!

  7. i'll keep an eye out for the boots for you!


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