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If you are a new reader, I decided to write a monthly post about my fitness goals, trials and triumphs with some cute clothes thrown in every now and then. You can read my other Fashionista Fitness Posts here. I am really excited to share my journey with you all.

Ten Weeks.
I am deep into my fitness regime. I have completed ten weeks (well I will on Saturday) of 5x/week workouts. I am a maniac. Seriously. My entire life revolves around food and working out. Surprisingly I am ok with it. I am actually kind of enjoying the routine. In February I incorporated running into my cardio. It is hard as hell. I was able to run for 14 minutes (not straight, mind you) and I am so proud of myself. I get crazy shin splints and have tough mental blocks. I continue to push through them but no work out is the same and I waver in my times and distance. But I am doing it. I know I will conquer any hurdle that comes my way. I also was good at eating 5 small meals a day instead of 3 meals a day. It is hard making sure I keep my metabolism going. To help with the meals I started taking meal supplement shakes. I like the taste, it is fast and simple. They keep me full too. It is a great trick and I don't feel like I am constantly stuffing my face.

These are the little tricks and tips that help me:

1. Taking pics of what I eat

 Pic 1: Egg Scramble (see pic 2), 2 small red potatoes, half an avocado
Pic 2: Egg Scramble ingredients- 2 eggs, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Mushrooms
Pic 3: Travel cup with Lean1 meal supplement in Vanilla
 Pic 1: Chicken tenderloins, 1/4 Baked Potato with Sriaracha, Baked Asparagus
Pic 2: Tuna with spicy brown mustard and 1 sweet pickle on whole grain wheat bread, 1 cup tomatoes, 1/2 and avocado, 1 cup Grapes
Pic 3: Quinoa Chili: Quinoa, Black and Kidney beans, Zucchini, Mushrooms and some spices

 #2. Taking Pics and Making Notes DURING (and after) my individual work outs

 Pic 1: My Life Planner: I hand write and keep track of all my workouts and food idiosyncrasies
Pic 2: My Treadmill work out summary
Pic 3: My iPhone notes. I document my intervals, weights and areas worked

#3 Using Social Media for Accountability

I have had incredible responses and support from blogging, tweeting and Facebooking. Knowing that so many are watching me and rooting for me to hit my goal is inspiring and SCARY. I know I can turn to so many people when I am struggling, questioning and needing an ear. I update my progress every Monday on Facebook and use my Personal Blog and Twitter in between. 

#4 Trying New Things

I have found that doing little things like parking in the furthest spot and taking stairs help me feel like I am doing a little extra through out the day. I am also pushing myself to try different exercises like hiking, stand up paddle boarding, boxing and using different equipment to shock my body. 

#5 Believing in myself and making the CHOICE to be HAPPY

HOLY Bananas...this is the most freeing thing ever. I have been working on my insides as much as my outside appearance it has made all the difference in my life. Learning to love and accept who I really am, choosing to follow my heart, believing that my attitude determines everything and just LIVING has made me happier than I have ever been. :) 

 THIS SPOKE TO ME and has become my daily Reminder

I am down about 17 pounds. I have 13 more pounds to lose in two months which honestly freaks me out just a bit. I ran and ran and ran. I think it is what made me FINALLY see a difference in my body for the first time. I am between sizes, WOOHOO!!! My pants are all big but not too big that I need to run out and buy new ones, yet! I am doing my work outs faster and with more ease. Jonathon is really pushing me and keeping me on quick, fast paced HARD ass work outs. I love that he is challenging me.

GOALS for March:
- Lose a pound and a half a week (EEK!)
- Be able to RUN for Five minutes straight, three times a cardio workout. Or Fifteen minutes total.
- Not buy an article of clothing UNLESS it is to work out in OR is size-less (meaning I can wear it at any weight. Like a beach cover up or basics)

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for you to leave your favorite work out song (or 2-3 songs) in the comment section. I need to build a KILLER play list for my running and am at a loss. I listen to a lot of Country and it is not always the best to work out to :) I love so many genres so don't be afraid to suggest. What pumps you up? What gets you MOVING?? I need suggestions. It will help inspire and motivate me! I will post our Play list in next months post!

Thanks again for all of your sweet comments noticing the changes in my body! You will all see it more than I will. I am SO grateful for all of your kind words, motivating comments and overall support. YOU are amazing!!

If you cannot wait for this post (since it is only once a month) make sure to follow me.....

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  1. Proud of you... however.... your Trainers name is JonathAn.

    Just saying...

  2. I download running mixes from Rock My Run.

  3. Wow, you are doing an amazing job! I have been slacking on my workouts lately, so this is definitely inspiring me.

    Keep up with the running, girl! You can do it! I was NEVER a runner until a couple years ago I decided to just do it. I bought a super powerful (and expensive) sports bra, and it made a big difference. I did the Couch to 5k program, ran my first 5k, and have since run a half marathon (run/walk actually) and a marathon relay with my family (approx. 7 miles per person). Running is so challenging, but it really is a huge accomplishment.

    My favorite workout songs when I need motivation:

    Foo Fighters - Walk
    Anything Lady Gaga
    T.I. - Bring Em Out
    Beyonce - Run the World
    Also, check out Girl Talk - he remixes lots of popular songs and it is great for a continuous playlist.

  4. Great Fashionista Fitness post! I am so inspired by you. You are looking great and your hard work is really paying off. Now for my playlist songs - I love Boom Boom Pow (when I hear it I always push myself more) and Footloose. A strange combo but they really do push me forward. Good luck on your journey!!

  5. great job mandy! i would download Girl Talk - All Day - you can get it for free here http://www.illegal-art.net/allday/

    listen to it the entire way thru. you will be done with your workout before its over and you will feel pumped up!!

    and of course anything britney spears!! just picture her slave for you abs while you are running. that usually does it for me.

    hope that helps!

  6. Congrats!!! You are so inspiring and You can tell that you feel really great about yourself, the changes you have made and the direction your life is headed in! Keep it up!!! :)

    P.S. I love your planner - where is it from??

  7. Dang! Keep up the good work - you are inspiring! xxoxoxo!

  8. you are doing so awesome!! you can totally see your hard work paying off in your ootd pics too!

  9. So inspiring! Love u!!!! if I can lose 70lbs. Anyone can! LOL love the work out wear! Try yoga too!

  10. GOOD FOR YOU!!! believe me i know how hard this kind of journey is :( but you are such an inspiration. seriously. i am in awe of your hard work.

    when i get my ass to the gym (RARELY) - i listen to:
    - kanye west - new workout plan
    - kelly clarkson - my life would suck without you
    - ANYTHING BRITNEY :) but do something has a great beat

    and i agree with the girltalk suggestion! download it as one big file, not broken up, its an hour worth of awesome music!

  11. Congrats on your success ~ you WILL make your goal.
    These are a little old school, but great none the less
    Change ~ John Wait/the Babies
    Only the Young ~ Journey
    If you want blood ~ AC/DC
    Working for the Weekend ~ Loverboy


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