What I Wore: 'Hattie' love

Ever since I received my Shoemint "Hattie's" it has been hard to not wear them on a daily basis. Besides being ridiculously cute, they are also super comfy. I know that I got mixed reviews when I asked you all which color combo to go with. But I had to have them. I shockingly do not have a cute black flat in my wardrobe so I pretty much knew I would get this combo. The neutral snake print really sealed the deal. And I may or may not have put myself on the waiting list for the color block pair too!  

I had to run errands and then head out to dinner so I wanted an outfit that would transition well. I had not worn my white button up in awhile so I threw that on. It is quite large on me so I was constantly tucking ends in here and there. These jeans are my favorite right now, although it is because of the fit. I am not loving how they photograph as they look more washed than they do in real life. I pulled out my snake print skinny belt to compliment the shoes (like I did with this look) and I feel like it totally pulled it together. I also have to point out that I needed a slight edge to this pretty polished look and wore a hot pink bra so that it would show a little bit against the white. 
Call me a rebel ;)

"Hattie" Love

What I Wore:

Top: Old Navy (Similar)


  1. classic look and NEVER goes out of style. Great choice for a transforming outfit- so much you can do with it!

  2. Classic, chic look! Love the hot pink bra showing through. Looking great as usual!

  3. These tops are great because they literally go with everything.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. LOVE the shoes, I want them but can't decide which color combo either! I'm kinda digging the one you chose! You look fab, darling!
    Smart n Snazzy

  5. I have to find that shirt! The outfit looks oh so fab. Plus I adore the shoes! How many colorways do you own? If I read correctly I'm thinking 3??

  6. ah! my favorite outfit ever. I wear a version of this almost everyday. :)

  7. LOVE the shoes, first of all. Kinda bummer they're sold out in my size. Secondly, LOVE the neon bra and white shirt. You rocked this!

  8. Super cute! Love those shoes. They were my favorite when you were picking.

  9. love the whole look! very classy and fun w the pop of colors


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