Review: Anjolee Hoop Earrings

You may or may not have noticed that I am not the type of blogger that has sponsors and that reviews a bunch of products sent to me. We all blog for different reasons, want to be noticed for different things and have different goals for "blogging". I am in the process of re-writing my 'About Me' page to reflect where I am at right now and why I blog. With that said I have been very picky in choosing who I want to work with. I started to get a lot of emails from potential partners last Summer and to this day I get sent proposals pretty frequently. I ONLY want to work with companies that truly represent me or intrigue me. I am excited to have TWO reviews to share this week and a pretty big event that I am attending tonight to talk about.

If there are two things you know about me (YES, I know you know a lot more than 2) it would be that I LOVE jewelry and that I am turning 30 in a few months. What you may not know is that even though I wear and collect jewelry like it is going out of style, I actually have very sensitive skin and cannot wear 95% of Fashion Jewelry (the stuff that is SUPER cute/trendy but isn't real). When Anjolee reached out to me about partnering with them I must say I was apprehensive for a slight moment. Then I snapped out of it and realized that I was going to get a NICE piece of jewelry that I got to customize and pick out myself. How could I pass that up? Annddddd I have that soft voice in the back of my constantly reminding me that I am turning 30 and that I need nicer pieces in my collection (as if I am going to become grown up overnight. Hehe).

I was asked to review a pair of their diamond hoop earrings. I was more than happy to pick out a pair of hoops because when it comes to earrings I fully believe the bigger, the better (and I have a few pair of studs already so it was nice to try something new). I choose the oval shaped gemstone diamond drop hoop earrings for three reasons. One, I got to incorporate my favorite color (purple) in with the diamonds for a little pop. Two, They look like the drop from the earlobe. Three, They are "different" from the basic diamond hoops you see. I am so happy with my choice. They are easily dressed up but can be worn with a more basic outfit as well. They are well made and stand out when your hair is pulled back. If you aren't a hoops fan they have so many other diamond earrings to choose from! The best part about Anjolee is that YOU get to pick the color, size, shape etc. They give you so many options to get EXACTLY what you need. I highly suggest you check them out.

The main reason that I chose to work with this company is because they offer quality pieces that the client gets to customize. I appreciate the finer things in life and I always like to have an option. Anjolee represents freedom in making the best choice for you!

***This is a sponsored post. All opinions are based on my personal experience and are 100% mine***


  1. Love those earrings. I am excited that you like them because I am getting Anjolee hoops this week.

  2. I can't really wear fashion jewelry either, even necklaces and ring because the metal always seems to bother me. But I do love a good piece of fine jewelry! These earring are so pretty and simple but are perfect for wearing to just about anything. Definitely a good choice!

  3. I have the most sensitive skin in the world too, and can't wear the majority of the cute fashion jewelry that I'd love to. Those earrings are adorable!


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