Shameless Shoemint Plug

I am DYING over the Shoemint 'Hattie'.
They released this pair of flats a day early (yesterday) and I have been obsessing, I mean OBSESSING, over which color combo to purchase. I have been wanting these shoes since I saw the pic above when they first launched the site in November. I am usually drawn towards heels (the other early release was a classic pump. Don't need!) but I am wanting some really cute flats to run around in. I am torn between TWO color combos. IF I had the money I would buy both...BUT I can't justify it! They put out three new pairs of shoes on the first of every month and today is FEBRUARY 1st (WHAT?! How did that happen?) I cannot afford two pairs of the same shoes right now. NOR do I need them. So I am asking you for your help.

WHICH color combo do you like best???

Orange, Pink and Teal Color Block

Black and Snake Combo

I have great arguments for WHY I need both and how they both will fit into my Shoe Wardrobe. I am leaning towards a certain color combo but I will keep my mouth shut until I hear from you!


Thank you for helping a sister out!

HaPpY February my friends!!

SHOEMINT did NOT ask me to talk about their shoes. I just love them. Like, L-O-V-E!

All images are from Shoemint.com


  1. I say it depends on when you'd use it most. If you're gonna be wearing it more in the spring, the colorblock one is the way to go! However, the black one you'd be able to use all year round! Personally, I'm getting the nude one as I have SO many black flats already, but I had a hard time choosing between the nude and the colorblock myself!

  2. Both are really cute! I personally like the black and snakeskin because I could see myself wearing them more. But I think the colorblock is perfect for your personality and wardrobe!

  3. Love!! The orange/pink/teal is my personal fAve. Love the color combo. So fun and they really stand out. The black/snakeskin is nice and classic but kinda something that I feel like i've seen before.

  4. love the blog doll! can't wait to read more!

    happy to be your newest follower ♥♥♥... follow back sometime ?

    hugs, xoxo

  5. I like the color but the snake is more 'practical'...as someone who isn't a flat fan I'd skip them, I've been disappointed in Shoemint's picks since the launch that I missed because my stupid account wouldn't work.


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