What I Wore: Stripity Stripes

This self proclaimed stripes hater may just be changing her mind....

I am not sure when it happened BUT stripes have snuck into my wardrobe. I even kind of like them (shhhhhh!). You see, being a bigger girl, you tend to shy away from things that make you look bigger. And Horizontal stripes made me look huge. I have worn stripes here, here and here. I really liked the outfits AND how I looked in them. I am not saying that stripes and I are BFF's but I am giving her a chance. I still feel VERY self conscious in them. I don't feel 100% thin, slim or pretty. But I am trying.

P.S. More than half of my outfit is Old Navy. Again. 

Stripity Stripes

 What I Wore:
Sweater: Old Navy
Shorts: Target (no longer available)
Shoes: Old Navy


  1. I was a stripes hater too but some how I have been adding more to my closet. I really like this look :)

  2. You're a girl after my own heart Mandy! I saw that sweater and came *this* close to buying it! Did you also see the cardigan with the zipper front? LOVE.

  3. Ooooh I love! I think I need some more stripes in my life too....

  4. Love the colors of this top and with the dressy shorts, so cute! I'm don't have many stripes in my closet (seriously maybe one shirt) but I always love how they look on other people. Maybe time to add a few!

  5. yay i love Old Navy...I'm a stripe addict too. It's becoming quite the problem

    love your outfit


  6. I think those stripes look great on you. They do not make you look one bit big. Your beautiful :)

  7. ok so i dont think these look bad on you at all. stripes are such a hard pattern to place on things and do it appropriately but i think you did it.

    i just recently bought a sweater (i like starved myself so i could have the sweater since i have no money) that is stripes and my lazy butt never tried it on...so now i dont care for it as much. butttt...after seeing how you paired your top here, it kind of inspired me on how to wear mine. thanks girl :)

  8. I love this striped sweater. I saw it the other day in Old Navy and am kicking myself for not buying it. I love how you've styled it too. You look fabulous.


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