What I Want Wednesday {17}

Hey Y'all! 
I am in need of some help.
All I REALLY want is for you to help me decide what to wear for my photo shoot this weekend. I am having some updated pictures taken and I have zero creativity right now. ALL you have to do is vote below. You can choose multiple answers! I will probably do two different looks.


P.S. I work with a lot of Texans who say y'all and I LOVE it. So cute. So I am trying to incorporate it into my vocab. Hehe.
P.P.S. My beautiful, talented and amazing friend Leslie is taking my pics. Check out her website and blog HERE. And take a pic at our last shoot HERE.

Thank you for playing!

What type of clothes should I wear for my Photo Shoot?

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  1. What a fun idea! I am actually doing a poll for my outfit for Blogger Brilliance. Can;t wait to see what "wins"


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