What I Wore: Born on the 4th of July

My holiday was AWESOME! 
One of the best in a few years.

Everything went according to plan but not without a few minor mishaps. I had an unexpected visitor, my bike tires were flat, and we went to 4 places to find a tire pump. Eventually we grabbed tacos and headed to the beach to meet up with my bestie Sarah, another good friend, Brenda, and their families. We hung out in the sun for a few hours AND I got to ride on a paddle board for the first time. It was SO fun and such a work out. It definitely took awhile to get my rhythm. After leaving the beach we rode bikes for awhile, headed home to clean up and get ready for dinner. I HAVE to have some kind of BBQ food on the 4th so we ate at Lucille's. Rode bikes some more, grabbed ice cream and watched the fireworks. SUCH a good day!

I am such a sucker for wearing red, white and blue on the 4th. I am not into wearing stars, stripes and flags but I love to feel patriotic! I wore a plaid button up with some gauzy shorts and a Panama hat to the beach and bike riding. I chose a pair of red shorts with a sheer white top and army jacket for dinner and fireworks.

I hope YOU all had as great of a holiday as I did!
Born on the 4th of July!
 What I Wore:
Top: Target button up from 7 years ago!
Shorts: Old Navy
Bathing Suit: Old Navy (top no longer available)
Sandals: Havianas
Hat: Nordstrom (last year)

What I Wore:
Top: Old Navy
Jacket: Old Navy 


  1. love both outfits! i think the striped top and red shorts is one of my faves of all time!

  2. I love both outfits but the night one is my fave. and you are KILLING me with your amazing tan. OH HOW I MISS BEING TAN!


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