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Attention. Attention.
I am a walking Old Navy ad.
My entire outfit is from that store.
AND I Love it!
I think it is awesome that I can find pieces that are on trend and good quality for a great price. I have only worn Old Navy and Gap jeans for the last 4 years. They fit (and look) better than a lot of my premium denim. They have really stepped up their game and are true competitors in the mass fashion market.

I love these booties. After hemming and hawing I broke down and bought them. About a month ago I polled you on what color to buy. Everyone said Cognac even though I felt like my legs were the same color (they kind of still are). These are really comfy but are SO HARD to get on. I swear I need a shoe horn to put my right one on. Other than that I think they look so cute on and all of the extra calories I burned putting the shoes on are worth it. If you need these shoes they are actually cheaper in the stores than they are online. I got mine for twenty bucks. Score!

My pic that was posted on Twitter.


Don't mind my white sock. I know it is distracting ;)
OH...these shorts are different from yesterday's. I have 3 pairs of cut offs made from old jeans. I rotate. :p

What I Wore:
Top (similar), Shorts (old jeans), Boots: Old Navy
Earrings: Kendra Scott 'Karina' (my FAVORITE pair right now!)


  1. Love the booties!! Maybe you need to contact old navy and tell them to start paying you lol! Great outfit as always!

  2. I have to admit, Old Navy's shoes have been catching my eye lately! I love them on you and I think you made the right color choice!

  3. Adorable! I got the cognac ones and they are so comfortable. My legs are also the same color but it makes them look longer. Cute outfits.

  4. totally made the right color choice, love them! this look is adorable... great transition from summer to fall.

  5. those are the old navy boots?!?! whatttt!!!

    my little sister just recently told me she ordered boots from old navy and i made an "ew face" and she said "nooo, they actually have cute boots". now i can see she wasnt lying!!!


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