What I Wore: Holiday Weekend

Happy Monday lovelies!
I am spending the day at work...and you know what???
I am not sad at all because I LOVE what I am doing right now.
It feels so awesome to say that. It also helps that I have had the past five days off as well. Haha. But really, I love my job.
We were supposed to go away for the weekend but that didn't end up happening and I was MORE than bummed about that. I actually had a pity party for myself on Friday night. I have a love/hate relationship being alone. I love it when I WANT to be alone (which is actually quite often, I am extremely independent) but I hate it when I want to be with friends and I am not invited to do anything. Boo. Apparently I am having a small Pity Party again. Lol. Anyways I got to spend some time with the BF just watching movies and eating. That was needed and loooonnnnggggg overdue (he travels all week for work and I have had plans on the weekend so we haven't seen each other more than one night a week for the last month, if that!) So gone or not the weekend was a success. Although a weekend away at a nice hotel is needed. Next month :)

Holiday Weekend

 P.S. I cannot believe I own Toms. I don't think that they are that cute. I did it for the kids. AND because they are so comfy. Plus they sparkle. I love Glitter. Yup.
P.P.S. My hair is FINALLY fading and getting redder. It is still to dark for what I want but I know that can be fixed!

What I Wore:
Top: Wildfox Couture
Shorts: Old Navy cut offs (old jeans)
Shoes: Sparkle Toms
Glasses: Oliver Peoples


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