What I Wore: the "Cool" vest

As big as we would like to imagine the blogging world to be, it is actually quite small. We all know who the "big" bloggers are and we all follow each other on Twitter and read a majority of the same core blogs. Knowing that, it is easy to understand the power of the "blogger" and her influence over an item, designer, collection or store. When one of "them" wears something you find it on everyone within a few weeks. I am the first to admit that I have run out to buy an affordable piece after seeing it on one of my favorite bloggers. As you all know I haven't been as focused on blogging, reading blogs and interacting. Well I took a couple of hours yesterday to catch up on many posts, comment and come away inspired. Never has the power of an "item" been more prevalent than seeing it all at once. 

I bought this Old Navy military vest when it first hit oldnavy.com. I have had it for about a month and have worn it at least twice a week. It was a great color, an amazing price (I got it with a code for 40%) and is super versatile. Imagine how COOL I felt when I saw it on ALL of my favorite bloggers. No joke! I am excited to show you all just one of my seven outfits that I have paired the vest with.

Check out the following in the vest...

the COOL vest

Something was up with my camera because I look almost cartoon like. My legs do NOT look that tan or smooth in real life!

  What I Wore:
Top: Mossimo from Target (no longer available)
Vest: Old Navy
Shorts: Kirkland (YES from Costco! I cut up a really old pair from the BF)
Bracelets: Kendra Scott 'Lila' in bronze (not available online), Alexis Bittar


  1. Yes your legs look amazing! In sure you are just being modest ;) I LoVE the shoes too!!

  2. SHUT.UP. I knew EXACTLY what piece you were going to bust out with when I read your first paragraph. NO LIE. You know why? Because I just bought one too. LOL! I wasn't going to because I didn't want to buy it just because other bloggers have it - I LOVE it on Taylor of Sterling Style, but I KNOW I'm going to wear this baby (I'm actually wearing it as I type this - look for the post Monday hehe!) I just bought it this week because I was back and forth on whether I really wanted it or if I just wanted it because others look so good in it. Finally came to the conclusion that since I can't stop thinking about it, I needed it. Got it for $18!

    Love you!!!!!! And it looks fab on you. Thank you for confirming that I DID need this piece. Even if my husband said I look like I'm going fishing. :P

  3. This is a fabulous look! I have been seeing these vests everywhere and I feel like I need one now!

  4. You look fabulous, darling! I especially love the leopard print wedges. Amazing!!
    And I'm sure your legs really do look that great in real life!

  5. HA!! i've seen that vest on EVERYONE!!! almost bought it myself but then changed my mind.

    in the "normal" world i doubt as many people would run out and buy the same fashion pieces if everyone they know was wearing it...but since it's the blogging world and we don't technically know these bloggers personally, it's perfectly acceptable to copycat. we actually encourage it!

  6. Yep such a great vest - and at such a great price!! :)

  7. This looks awesome and I was going to say..what kind of place have you visited recently or self tanner do you use because it is end of summer and I hardly have a tan! As much as I love to read up on other blogs and see what they're wearing, I don't want to copy what they're wearing. Why copy when you can do your own thing :D

  8. Um... ok so I'm loving this vest, such a great addition to so many looks BUT you can probably guess what I love even more, THOSE SHOES!!! Fabulous with this look :)

  9. oh man I was going to get that vest! I think I just may have to now :) such a great piece for the price!

  10. Great vest! Love that you styled it with stripes and leopard!

  11. Hello, sexy legs!!!! You look great in shorts. (Not being creepy. Just FYI.) Also, I'm kind of in love with this vest. I feel like it could be worn with anything.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I did the vest on my blog as well! I love the way you paired it with the leopard wedge heels- so cute!

    Check my version out:


  13. love the look and the vest! now i want one.

  14. Girl - this outfit is HOT! Work it. I have shoe (and leg) envy!

  15. ok since when did old navy become so freaking awesome?! ohhh thats right, when i am unable to shop there anymore :(


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