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My second favorite season (I will always be a California Summer Girl at heart) is almost upon us. I am excited for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Cooler evenings and the gorgeous Golden colors of the season. The MOST exciting thing about Fall is that it is the most influential season in Fashion and 2011 has some incredible and fun trends. This week I will be sharing what I am MOST excited to wear!
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I wanted to really make sure that I honed in on what matters most to me. I read a lot of online article, stalked style.com and have about 10 September Issues sitting on my coffee table. These trends are what get me the most excited for Fall.

1. Colored Pants: I definitely want to add to my jegging collection since I only own a red pair. I would love some wide leg trousers and some cropped, skinny trousers to dress up in the colder months.
 {images via peoplestylewatch.com}

 {Images via atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com and brooklynblonde.com}

2. Leather Skirts/Shorts/Pants: THIS is the season that I will FINALLY find a pair of shorts and a skirt for my wardrobe. I will take a pair of leather leggings too!

 {images via starstyleinc.com}

 {images via mystylepill.com and thistimetomorrow-krystal.blogspot.com}

3. Capes/Ponchos: I am so excited to see this trend again. I have a couple from Fall and have already bought two different styles. I bought a knit poncho form Nordstrom during the Anniversary sale and I bought a trench cape from the K-Dash line that has been seen on Kourtney. 

 {justjared.com, peoplestylewatch.com, officialkourtneyk.com}

4. Chunky Knits: Cozy sweaters are always a must have in my book. I am most excited to pair them with a maxi skirt. That is a look I have never tried before.

5. Animal Print: My love for leopard never dies. I am going to expand my animal print collection with some snake print! I am loving the more neutral shades of taupe and gray that snake print offers. My ultimate would be in a wide leg, knit pant.
{image via justjared.com}
6. Gem Tones: I LOVE jewel tones but I am most excited about the green shades. I would LOVE some jade and emerald hued pieces.

 {images via peoplestylewatch.com}

7. Fur: I know that this trend is never without controversy. I love it all, real or faux! I bought a leopard print coat that I am DYING to wear and I already have a Chinchilla print. I could have a closet full of coats and still want more!

 {justjared.com, peoplestylewatch.com, starstyleinc.com}

8. Braided/Long Hair: I have been growing my hair out for years and I think I may resort to extensions for the length that i desire. Braiding is the funnest way to look chic and pulled together!
 Screen Print from Pretty Little Liars episode
9. Bold Lips and Nails: My nails are always in the latest, boldest colors. this is the best way to experiment with a trend or color. I JUST bought onto the strong lip. I am excited for a bold red look to add some sass to any outfit!

Let's make this interactive...
What trends are YOU looking forward to the most???


  1. Love your choices :) Just got myself a pair of berry coloured skinny jeans - reckon they'll take me right through autumn! And I am looking forward to getting my cape out again when it starts to get colder!

  2. LOVE IT! I think you and I are frighteningly on the same wavelength today. I just posted my fall trend forecast on my blog. I am definite need of some colored pants - I have a pair of rust colored ones from F21 but I need pink too! :) Can't WAIT to wear fall things! I'm done with summer wardrobe! But it's going to be awhile in South Carolina!

  3. Fabulous! I've been dying to get some colored denim for fall. I'm thinking a nice royal blue would be perfect! Loving the leather bottoms too. I have a pair of faux leather leggings from Lauren Conrad's Kohl's line that I know I'll be wearing a lot!

    LOVING braids too. I'm trying to grow my hair out long enough so I can braid it properly. Until then, I'm still rocking the side braid. :P

  4. I am loving that leather skirt of mystylepill. Have that picture in my inspiration folder as well! WANT-NEED!!

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  6. I love all the trends you listed!

  7. Colored pants! <3 I love the pictures you picked for the look.

  8. Visiting from FBFF.
    Great photos. Loving the braids in the hair. The colored pants are so fun.


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