Manicure Maniac

It is safe to say that Blogger's LOVE nail polish.
Everyone is trying out the latest color, getting creative with stamping, translating a trend, like Ombre, to their manicures and changing their polish daily. We include the color that we are wearing in our outfit posts. We HAD to know what polish the new Duchess wore when she got married. It is one of the cheapest ways to change a look, experiment with an over the top color/trend and express ourselves.

My friend AND AMAZING Hair Stylist, Jenny, had on the most gorgeous baby pink color when I got my hair done a few weeks ago. It was a mixture of colors and had the sheenest silvery shine and micro glitter (can you tell I am obsessed?). Since I couldn't get the color out of my head for 3+ weeks I went to my VAST nail polish collection to pull out a baby pink. AND I didn't have the most classic color in my collection. WHAT?!?! How does that even happen? In the last few years I have been drawn to nudes/taupe's/brownish black OR fun/funky/crazy colors and LOTS of glitter. So I have been looking everywhere to create Jenny's color.
(she has PROMISED to find out what colors she used the next time she goes to the salon to get them done. She used the shellac or gel too)

I found two colors that will satisfy my need in the time being.
I bought Essie's 'Fiji' and Sally Hansen's 'Champagne Toast'.
In the store I didn't think that I liked either by themselves. The Essie color seemed to bright for a baby pink and the Sally Hansen was too pearlescent. But together they make the perfect pair.

One Coat of Essie 'Fiji'
I actually LOVE the color by itself after seeing it on.
Two coats will make this color pop.
It helps bring out your tan! Perfect for my next pedicure!

Second coat with Sally Hansen 'Champagne Toast'
One coat of each color is perfect. Solid color and really pretty sheen that is hard to see in the pics.

I REFUSE to do my own nails without Seche Vite fast dry top coat. It is THE best on the market. My nails are dry in five minutes. And I mean DRY! I will never go back to anything else. I generally use their base coat but the store I buy it at has been sold out the last few times I have looked. I don't think that the base coat that you use really makes a difference. Sally Hansen has such great products that you cannot go wrong! I have used THREE bottles of the top coat in less than a year. GO buy it!

My first manicure post! FUN!
I wore work out clothes again. So I clearly didn't put on make up OR do my hair. Your comments on yesterday's W.I.W. post cracked me up. Hopefully my crazy antics keep bringing you back!

Hi Jenny Pooh!
Thanks for the inspiration.


  1. i love the fiji color! it is hard to find such a light pink with such a great pigment and color i think!

  2. I love a good pink nail...looks so pretty!

  3. OOohhh I love!! It's a nice, neutral, girly change. I'm going to have to get a pretty pink polish too...I don't have any!!

  4. love the essie color by itself and the combo together! so cute! thanks for posting!

  5. I always forget to mix colors! I love the end result! Seche Vite top coat is the shizzzz!

  6. You know, I actually don't have any light pink polishes, only hot pink. Lol. But I totally need to find a light pink now. Your nails look great!

  7. I love doing my nails.. every evening I sit down - take off the old and put on the new. Love it!

    I have to say I am very much into the neutral colors these days. I love the colors you used in this blog, and it makes me want to go buy a few more colors ;)

    and I NEED Seche Vite fast dry top coat! A mother of two.. I never have time to dry without some type of minor screwed up nail!

  8. I am still trying to fall in' like' with Essie, but i LOVE it on you friend!!!!
    Xo u jess
    Great post!


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