What I Wore: Casual keeps winning!

When the sun is shining (and since I am not working) I tend to wear the most casual things. I have not "worked" for one month and I have not really missed getting dressed up every day (yet). I was always jealous of the girls who got to wear jeans to work so I am pretending I am them :)

This is my version of Reese's outfit from Tuesday.
I am wearing the Old Navy shirt that I linked you all in that post. It is $15, cute and so comfy. It is perfect for the summer weather. 85% of my shorts are old jeans. Which makes them even MORE amazing in my book! Cut offs are my choice of shorts to wear. I think that they looked the best at various lengths. Pairing the look with wedges gives the outfit a slightly dressier look (in my mind anyways!)

Casual Card

What I Wore:
Shorts: Old Navy cut offs (5 years old)


  1. The outfit is so cute & casual and I LOVE those shoes!

  2. The outfit is so cute & casual and I LOVE those shoes!

  3. You're reminding me of Jessica Simpson in these pics. You have got some very nice legs girl, work it!

  4. Love the shoes! I agree with Amanda, your legs are killer!

  5. I love how you paired up that shirt, with cut-off shorts - adorable! And well.. you know me and shoes. LOVING IT!

    I NEED those shoes :)

  6. Loving this nude Jessica Simpson sandals so perfect for summer!


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