Stripes Lovin'

Oh how I yearn to wear stripes.
I see pictures of celebs and bloggers wearing stripes every day. I always want to copy their outfits. Always.

Stripes make me look LARGE and in CHARGE.
I hate it.
Since I can't wear them, I will just dream about them.
And stare at these pics.


{image via starstyleinc.com}

LOVE the maxi with the belt. I am going to try this look with a solid dress :)

{image via justjared.com}

This is a great 'Errands' outfit. Yes, I classify my outfits. Hehe.

{image via justjared.com}

Gwen can wear ANYTHING and look good. I love the femininity of the off the shoulder top paired with BF jeans and a newsboy hat!

{image via justjared.com}

This is a perfect outfit for work! I LOVE an over sized blazer, leggings and boots for an easy, chic look.

{image via starstyleinc.com}

A simple dress can be dressed up OR down. Adding accessories really gives the look a punch!

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

I love that she paired her striped maxi with a cropped jean jacket.
I Love how BEACHY this dress is!

{image via starstyleinc.com}

I LOVE neon and gray together. If I had to pick one item that I COULD and WOULD wear, it would be this cardi. I am in LOVE with it.

{image via justjared.com}

Thin stripes are definitely easier to wear. I want the Chanel scarf and the mini boots.

Blair has been getting some MAJOR press. Did you see her on whowhatwear.com??
I would love to try pairing stripes and leopard print! I still NEED two leopard skirts, a pencil skirt and a short, flouncy mini skirt!

Krystal is one of my FAVS. She tries the funnest combos. I am obsessed with Cognac colored things and this dress looks FAB with the cognac leather jacket.

{image via brooklynblonde.com}

Helena of Brooklyn Blonde pairs her metallic stripes with SUNNY yellow shorts and a trench. I love this look! Such a fun pairing.

Alicia is my animal print SOUL sister. She has the most amazing collection of animal prints that I would love to steal borrow! I love this large striped maxi dress and leather jacket combo! I wish I looked that good!!

I could have posted DOZENS of pics. But these are some of my favs! How do you wear your stripes? Do you rock them or shy away from them like me??


  1. I love Gwen's second look and Paris' look a lot! I super love stripes too but they are making me feel self concious as I sit here STUFFING my face haha!!! I think you could totally rock Paris' cardi!

  2. I love, love, LOVE stripes and can never get enough! This is a great compilation of striped outfits! :)


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