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I am FINALLY participating in Fashion Beauty Friend Finder. Jenn and Amber have been linking up and I wanted to join in! I am really excited about this week's topic, Outfit Formula! Click on Modly Chic to check out what everyone else had to say!

1. What’s your go-to outfit formula?
My go-to outfit is generally a flowy top with jeggings and a HIGH, high heel or Wedge. Then I dress up ANY outfit I wear with A LOT of jewelry and accessories!
2. How did you come about this formula?
Well...I came to this formula by not liking my middle section. Flowy tops tend to accentuate my chest and hide my belly! I have very muscular legs and I like to show them off so jeggings are thick enough and tight enough to suck everything in. I like my pants to hit just at my ankles to show off a fabulous pair of shoes!  
3. Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your life?
I DO! I tend to wear some kind of cardigan, pencil skirt and skinny belt when I cannot decided what to wear for work or know that I need to look sophisticated yet stylish. I also throw on a maxi dress for any kind of occasion that I want to feel "dressed" for but don't want to have to think about putting together an "outfit".

4. Has it morphed over the years?
My uniform has definitely morphed over the years. I have always tried to stay "trendy" or "in style" since I was little. It wasn't until my last couple years of college and working 8 years in the Fashion Industry did I learn how to hone my personal style and not follow every trend that hit a magazine. Blogging has really helped me be "me" and find out how I want to represent my personal style!
5. Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe?
This is SO hard for me to answer. While I LOVE many blogger's style I don't know who has the best "uniform". They tend to be super creative and wear different things. I pretty much LOVE anything Alicia, from Cheetah is the New Black, wears. I am OBSESSED with animal print and she tends to incorporate Cheetah/Leopard in anything she wears. I choose her. :)
 I am also really into celebrity style and am generally most inspired by them. Two celebs that stand out as having a uniform (and that I have talked about in many posts) is Kim Kardashian and Hilary Duff. Kim is obsessed with Blazers and  super, high heels while Hilary is always wears a combination of jeans, HUGE statement earrings and/or a scarf.


Kim Kardashian
{images via gossipcenter.com}

Hilary Duff


  1. I love your style :)

    Where did you get the crochet top? I know you've posted about it, but now I can't remember LOL

  2. Welcome to FBFF! Love your style :) Jeggings are a fave of mine as well!

  3. You're so sweet, so happy to hear you love cheetah / leopard prints as much as me!! Happy 4th of July weekend! xx

  4. This is my first time visiting you blog, and I really think you have great style! How do you manage the heels all day though? I love wearing heels but I mostly wear flats or low heels at work because it involves some walking - maybe I just need some practising:)Have a great weekend!

  5. I love flowy tops too, and totally agree about wearing what works for YOU versus always going with the trends.

  6. I LOVE that crochet top. Your style is great - very chic and super cool! I found you via FBFF. Cheers!


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