What I Wore: Mini Outfit Post

I am kind of embarrassed to post these pics.
If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I asked if ANYONE in their right mind would post pics of themselves without a drop of make up and their hair not done.
Well...let's just say that I am a little crazy.

Miss Leanne said that she would post pics of her without make up as long as her hair was in a bun or ponytail.

Red Headed Rachel said NO that it wouldn't look good.
HAHA. Her comment made me laugh out loud and I truly love her honesty!

I wore this outfit to grocery shop.
Other than that I was in work out clothes.
Cleaning and organizing is NO fun! NONE!
I wish I was OCD about cleaning.
But I am not. We all have flaws.
This is mine!

{the pics will remain small so I don't scare you!}

I am getting quite REAL on the blog.
I try to keep up the illusion of this put together, fashionable girl.
Truth is...I'm not always.

What I Wore:
Jacket: Old Navy
Sandals: Valentino (no longer available) Seen here


  1. I love it! We gotta represent the real girls because that girl never gets represented on blogs. Who looks perfect all the time? NO ONE. You still look beautiful and your tan is amazing.

  2. Bravo! About the only time I go out without makeup is if I'm heading to the gym! Not sure if I'll ever be brave enough to post a picture on the WWW, but never say never!

  3. Mandy.. you are ridiculous! :) Why? Because you look amazing. The outfit is even way too cute to be cleaning in, and darling you are beautiful without makeup or hair done.

    I always see photos like this and think, thats the real woman. The one that goes to sleep at night, wakes up in the morning.. and this picture is just 100% raw and real Mandy - and frankly I hate you in the most loving way! :) You are beautiful! and kudos for being brave and putting it all out there.

    Will I ever have the courage... ummm.. probably not. Not until my skin looks like yours at least ;)

  4. you crack me up! i would not post myself without make up. Hell, I won't even walk out of the house without it, let alone put myself on blast on the world wide web! you're cooler than me. :)

  5. See, who needs hair & makeup when you are a tan California beauty? Maybe I'll be brave soon, too!

    Keep up the great ensembles!

  6. I know I wouldn't look too hot without makeup. I just think it's strange to see myself without mascara and eyeliner. Lol.
    But you look absolutely fantastic!


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