228: Magical McQueen

Since Alexander McQueen's untimely passing, his name has been on every Fashionista's lips. No one can get enough of his brilliant and unique designs. While some of his pieces may be out there, everyone can pull off the Skull scarf and the Skull and Crystal four ring statement piece.

I have had a weird obsession with skulls for about 7 years. I bought the Me & Ro skull studs forever ago. Does anyone remember those? I still love them. Nicky Hilton has this amazing black skull candle in her Chanel inspired living room. I want one just like it.

We have seen Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff (posts to come) and Ashley Olsen wearing their skull scarves. I was inspired to buy one. So today I picked up a red scarf with purple skulls. I was very tempted to buy the one pictured below BUT I wanted red. I am so excited to wear it.

I am OBSESSED with this ring. It is so hardcore. I would pair it with a very girly dress. Fun dichotomy! If I had $1700 to drop I would by the knuckle duster clutch. But this could be a fun alternative in the meantime :)

What are your thoughts on McQueen?

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  1. McQueen was such a genius. He will always be missed.

    I have an ivory skull scarf and I absolutely love it. (Although it has a small stain from a frappuccino on it because I'm terrified to take it to the cleaners. Lol!) I've read a lot of people saying the McQueen skull scarves aren't cool anymore or whatever. But they truly are an iconic piece of his. Love them!

    And that ring is AMAZING!


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