229: Stylish Sisters

{image via starstyleinc.com}

I just love the Duff sisters.
I think that they are really classy and absolutely beautiful.

They know who they are, they don't compete for attention and they genuinely support one another. Their true beauty comes out! They also are amazing dressers!

They have taken their own style, mixed with some California casual and made it their own!

Hilary LOVES scarves, bags and boots. Although lately she has been rocking some pretty fierce heels. She tends to incorporate more of the trends into her wardrobe choices

Haylie likes to dress up the basics and isn't as accessory driven. She has a more sophisticated style.

Maybe I am missing my sisters.
But I hope that we look as cute together as Hilary and Haylie.

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  1. Hilary and Haylie are gorgeous! I'm really loving both of their outfits in that first photo.


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