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Hi all! Once again sorry for the absence....Boo! I have been super busy and sick. I have quite a few pictures to post and hopefully some of my own outfits! Yay!

I am hoping my 8 (OK I am sure there are more but only 8 follow..Hint! Hint!) readers can help me out! I have a few random questions for you. Here goes...

1. Have you ever bought an article of clothing that didn't fit you to MOTIVATE you to lose weight so that you can wear it?

I am starting a pretty massive cleanse/diet/life change on Saturday and I want to buy the J Brand Houlihan skinny cargo's in olive. I canNOT get my butt in them now. I am hoping that if I hang them in my room and look every day at them that I will FINALLY know that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! Haha. So any thoughts are encouraged.

2. Real vs. Knock offs. I LOVE the DVF wedges that I blogged about last month here. I just saw at work that Steve Madden did pretty much the same shoe for 200 bucks less. You all know my shoe whore tendencies and I am thinking I just buy the Steve's to save some $$$$. Am I going against all that I believe in?

Yes, I am aware that this sounds a tad bit dramatic. But I am really perplexed!

3. Am I overdoing it on all of the celeb postings?

Another reason I haven't posted much (since I challenged myself to post 365 times this year, or every day and now I don't think I will accomplish it) because I would LOVE to be more personal do more on my own outfits but I don't have the time. I feel like i am having a blogdentity crisis. HELP!!!

OK...there you have it. All my jumbled thoughts and neurosis'! Thanks for continuing to follow. Haha!


  1. I tried on both the DVF's and the Steve Madden's, and aside from the detail on the heel, the shoes are identical! go for the Steve Maddens friend :)

  2. YES! YOU of all people I trust! You get my dilemma's in fashion. Haha! Thanks!

  3. I recommend not buying the pants unti you will actually fit in them otherwise if you're anything like me, looking @ them will just drive you crazy each day that you dont fit in them, wondering 'why you dont fit them yet' just my thoughts.
    shoes I say go for the Steve Maddens.
    and I like looking @ your celeb post. More of you would be nice too though. Maybe mix it up. Ok there's all my opinions hope I helped

  4. Hope you are feeling better and rested. Here are my answers to your questions. (1) Don't buy the jeans. It can be your reward to yourself when you hit your goal.
    (2)Save the money, buy the Steve Maddens. I am also a shoe whore, you've seen my closet. The Steve Maddens are just as adorable. (3) I like the celebs, but also like to see what us "real people" wear. I also love seeing what Nordies has to offer, since I don't get there as much as I used to. Mix it up, but have fun with it!

  5. Looks like you all are saying the same things. I will wait to buy the pants but IF they start to sell out I will grab a pair even if I haven't reached my goal yet! Going to get the Steve Madden's although in real life they don't look as nice! I don't NEED them so I will be practical. And I am still going to do a lot of celeb stuff JUST because I want to blog and that is less time consuming. I will post more of me AND more Nordy's choices. I liked those posts too! I appreciate your feedback and LOVE you all!

    P.S. Hi Anna Mae! Not sure if you read the comments but I loved getting your thoughts thru email! You are the cutest!
    P.P.S Anna Mae is my sister's M.I.L who reads my blog and it makes me happy!


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