One hundred sixty seven: a gem

I love reading back on aome of my 365 posts and finding themes. One of the reasons that I wanted to challenge myself to post a fashion love a day was to really help find ME and MY style through the process. While I am starting to see certain things I also realize that I am drawn to many things that I still don't believe I can pull off. (style CONFIDANCE...are you listening?)

I cam across this picture a couple of days ago and knew that I wanted to post it. Miss Rachel posted this dress in her Friday Favorites and I knew I needed to post asap. (I hate when I wait to post pictures and I am late to the game. Don't want others to think that I am copying)

{image via peoplestylewatch.com}

I LOVE this dress.
The color is incredible.
I love that it is flowy and has a boho vibe.
The belt gives it a 70's look.
And neutral peep toes compliment, and don't compete.


  1. Don't worry, you're not copying! How could you not post about this dress? It looks gorgeous on Shenae and I absolutely adore the color!

  2. that dress is gah-or-geous!!! looooove the color. the only problem...it would look ridic on a shorty like me. boo.


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