Coffee Date/Hang Out Sesh

What. A. Week.

It is a perfect time to bring you another coffee date! If you missed my last Coffee Date Post you can read it here. The concept was created by my friend Alissa about a year ago and I am just now jumping on the bandwagon. One of my goals this year is to connect with my readers and I think that this is a great way to do so. We all live real lives and it is nice having a support system to help deal!

If we were having coffee this week I would tell you that I have not had a coffee since last Friday when I felt like I OD'd on caffeine after having TWO in one day. I felt so sick. NEVER again, no matter how tired I am. I am sticking to tea for now! Haha.

I would share that I genuinely have NOTHING to complain about in life. But some weeks are way more emotional than others. And this week has been a doozy! 2013 has started out with a bang and I am dealing with things left and right. It. Is. Exhausting! I am so glad to be dealing with issues head on and not bringing all of that stuff into a fresh new year. I would ask you how the new year has been treating you.

I would definitely bring up how proud I am of my work outs these past couple of weeks. I have been killing it in the gym and at Yoga. I want to hit my goals, I want to lose the last twenty pounds and I want to feel confident in a bikini in front of people. It helps that the guys that I have been dating share that same interest as well. It creates a slight competitiveness and gives us something to connect and support each other on. I would tell you that I like to keep an eye out for new work outs and I am definitely going to be trying Piloxing in the near future. It is a mix of Pilates, Boxing and Dance which I think will be SO fun and do wonders for my core! I would ask you about your diet and fitness regimen. Hopefully we can talk about some things that will help encourage and support one another on our journeys!

If we were hanging out we would definitely talk about how I am trying to save instead of shop and that it is killing me! I know I need to buy new things but I am holding out. I would tell you how I have only been picking up random clothing items at Target and that I am surprisingly ok with it! I picked up this sweater this week. I would ask you to tell me what shopping you have done and try to live vicariously through you! Haha.

I am sure we would talk about my dating situation. I would go on and on and on about all of the crazy thoughts in my head. I would share with you that I am struggling with my relationships as a whole, meaning with my friends and family as well. I would talk about what I am learning, how I am dealing and why I process the way I do. And hopefully you will just listen because sometimes every one's thoughts and opinions just make things ten times harder! But I would appreciate your opinion just the same ;)

To lighten up our coffee date I would tell you that I took down my Christmas tree this week (FINALLY) and that I am really bummed about how the Lakers have been playing! I would also state how excited I am for the Football playoffs and that I am still hoping to see Argo and Les Miserables soon. I'd ask you what you have been up to and if you have any plans this weekend!

Since I am always the chatty one, I want to know, what do you want to share with me? If we were on a coffee date what would you want to talk about? Let's chat!

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  1. I love this idea! It's like a virtual coffee date! It would be fun to do a weekly Google hangout or something while we all have mugs of steaming yumminess LOL

    Keep up the great work with your no shopping and fitness goals!

    1. I totally agree! That would be fun. I would also have to get my webcam fixed unless I could do it on my iPhone...

      And thank you for the support! It is needed :)


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