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Happy Friday, Friends!
As we wrap up another week, and as I spent the last couple of days in bed due to illness, I wanted to bring you a "new" post (that will be a somewhat regular post/series in 2013). My friend Alissa, who blogs over at Rags to Stitches, has been doing a Coffee Date post and Vlog for the past year. I love reading her posts, getting a glimpse into her heart and want to be able to do the same here at 'in the Fashion Lane'. In fact, I have my 2013 Goals up on the Pollinate Media Blog today, that I hope you will go and read!  I have lofty goals for this blog and I figured I better start now if I want to make them a reality.

If we were hanging out/having coffee I'd tell you to make sure and grab one of the Holiday flavors because it is the only time that I REALLY drink coffee and that I am sad that my Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Skinny Peppermint Mochas will soon be gone for another nine months. You would probably laugh and tell me that I am ridiculous until you realize that I am serious and will see Iced Tea in my hand until September. Haha.

Then I would share with you that the past couple of weeks were harder for me than I let on. There were so many firsts this Holiday Season, and while I have no complaints, it was hard to get used to. My plans didn't turn out or happen the way that I thought that they should but that I am learning from the situation. I would probably talk incessantly about my niece and nephew, about how cute they are, how much I love them and talk about our week in Tahoe! I would ask you to share with me what your Holiday was like, what fabulous goodies you received and what your favorite memory is. I LOVE the Holidays and always want to know the details.

If we were hanging out I would be blabbing about the latest man, sharing how smitten I have become while whining about how hard dating is and how scared I am to be in a relationship again. Most of my friends are living vicariously through my dating adventures as I am sure you are too. ;) I would be sure to ask about your love life and your opinion on mine! Ha!

I would bring up my struggles with my fitness regimen and my diet. I would tell you how hard it is to maintain the intensity that I have and ask for your support and encouragement. My eating was pretty good through out the Holidays but I could have worked out more/harder. I would share that I am dying to do a reformer Pilates class and that I wish I had the funds to do it. I would also encourage you to come to Yoga with me as much as possible as it is doing wonders for my body and soul.

You will probably laugh when I share that I have been browsing many websites for clothes (staple pieces) that I am dying to buy when I lose ten more pounds. It has come to a point where all of my jeans, even the pairs that I bought as I lost weight, are all too big even when worn with a belt. I don't feel like I have "earned" the right to buy expensive pieces yet, since I have not hit my goal weight. I would tell you that I am DYING to own these J Brand jeans but have to wait because they run small and I am terrified I won't fit into them. 

Being the frivolous girl that I am, I'd probably talk about clothes and fashion WAY too long. I would probably bust out my iPhone and show you the few pieces that I am lusting over this week. Like this sweater (or in blue?), or the Nars 'Train Bleu' lip pencil and Estee Lauder 'Black Cassis' lipstick I am dying to buy even though I hardly ever wear lip stuff, this amazing Aztec print shirt that I have to have and the work out pants I love and must own in this blue color.

Over coffee I would tell you that 2013 is going to bring a lot more change in my life. That I am going to be looking for a new job/career that I am truly passionate about. That I have very distinct criteria of what I am looking to do and that I know it is going to be hard to find. But I am not scared to be picky and wait for what is best.

You all know that I like to talk a lot, so enough about me. If we were hanging out, having coffee, what would YOU share with me? 

I hope that you like this type of post!
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 Have an GREAT weekend!


  1. I'm loving this post! I think it's such a great idea!
    I too hate the thought of pumpkin spice lattes being gone soon, but that's why I stock up on International Delight's Pumpkin Pie Spice creamer. Yum! :P
    I love the holidays too. So sad they're over! :(

  2. Well gf! If we were having coffee I would talk endlessly about how bad I need to make 2013 my year to get out of debt while indulging in showing you my must have list of jeans, lululemon, and Rebecca Minkoff bags! Then I would get sad and talk about how mad I am at myself for falling off the fitness wagon and that you are totally inspiring for me to get my ass back in the gym come January 4 (I need the first few days to enjoy vacay!). I would also said you are effing CRAZY for not drinking coffee on a regular basis (but I would be secretly envious because honestly a $4 latte everyday is CRAZY!). Then I would leave and go buy a lotto ticket so that I could buy all the clothes I want and those J. Brand jeans since I just got rid of mine :(


  3. your niece and nephew are presh! did you cut your hair?
    Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com

  4. i think we are besties!

    -your latest follower. cheers to a new year.


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