What I Wore: Not the Most Flattering

 I will be the first to admit that this outfit is not flattering and does nothing for my body. But it is cozy, comfy and like wearing a blanket. Since I went back to work yesterday, was in a crappy mood, not feeling well and sad that Christmas/Vacation is over I felt this outfit was justified. Ha! I adore the colors in this sweater and I think pairing it with the cognac boots was pure perfection. I also think that my new necklace looks PERFECT with this sweater. I am kind of smitten. See a close up of the necklace HERE. Plus this look is proof to you all that some days I don't give a $hit what I wear or how I look. #TRUTH

Not the Most Flattering

What I Wore:

Sweater: Old Navy, old (Check out this one, this one, or this one to get the look. They are all in similar prints/colors/shapes)
Tee: Mossimo Pocket V Neck (It is my favorite and I buy new colors all of the time)
Glasses: Oliver Peoples


  1. I think it looks great, and more importantly that you look comfy and therefore gorgeous in it. (I have a couple of sweaters like that; ones that make me feel good even if they may not fit everyone's definition of most figure flattering! Wear them with joy!)

  2. I don't care what you say... You look fabulous in this!
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday! :)

  3. well, being the Pendleton Adoring girl that I am- I actually love this. Like LOVE this. And would gladly wear it to a cabin or running errands... love, love, love!

  4. You look good to me.The colors are so pretty. I add a thin belt to sweater like that to help define my waist.

  5. I think you look fab and that necklace is perfect with that outfit!

  6. I too own the chevron necklace from Lisa Leonard and just LOVE it! Goes with so many things :) And your cardigan is adorable! I've been on the hunt for a tribal printed one for a few months now...I'll have to check out Old Navy!

  7. I've been wanting a sweater like this for FOREVER. I need to use my gift cards from Christmas and just do it.

  8. I LOVE that sweater, it is beautiful!! Visiting from WIWW.


  9. Love that sweater, especially the colors! Comfort and cozy are key this time of year so I'd pick those over flattering any day..you look great regardless!


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  10. i love this look on you! i have the same sweater, snagged it on super sale last year, now i gotta try wearing it with my camel boots :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  11. I think you look great! It could be worse, you could be wearing sweats!! This sweater looks comfy, cozy, and comfortable and sometimes theres nothing better than an outfit like that.

  12. Love that sweater! I have one very similar!

    Dropping in from the link-up!

    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

  13. that outfit looks super comfy and even if you don't feel it- still looks cute!
    lazy cute for the win!

  14. you look so great in this outfit. That sweater is so great :)
    Have an awesome year ahead.

    Bong's Belleza

  15. Oh, we all have those days, but I don't think this is one of those for you! The striping and cut of the sweater create so much flattering movement and you've balanced it well with the skinny jeans and boots. Plus you are working it with all kinds of confidence and fabulous hair, so I am really loving the overall effect! Stopping by for the first time, ~Sarah of Sarah Hulbert Style

  16. Cozy indeed! I am so in love with this oversized cardigan - the colors are just fabulous and I love the tribal print!

    Pearls & Paws


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