What I Wore: Flannel Redux

Happy Monday!
I can say that since I am typing by the fire, watching the snow fall knowing that I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Sorry to brag ;)
But this is only the second White "Christmas" that I will have had in my 30 years. I will actually be home in So Cal, celebrating Christmas Eve and Day with OUT my family for the first time ever! So my Holiday is not normal but I am really excited for the changes. Let's just say I will be cooking my first Holiday meals. Scary! 

I spent Saturday doing my last minute Christmas Shopping, cleaning my house, actually decorating my house with updated pictures and frames and packing. It was crazy busy. This is what I threw on to run my errands. I know that it is shocking that I am wearing a flannel. Haha. Worn with my go to Rockstar skinnies and Cognac boots. This outfit isn't very creative or anything you haven't seen on the blog before. Adding the beanie was purely to cover my dirty hair, not to make the outfit cute or different. :p

Flannel Redux

What I Wore:

Boots: Old Navy
Beanie: H&M, last year


  1. Those boots always look so good on you and they don't work on me! I feel like I'm forever on the hunt for boots that will fit my in-between size calves :)

  2. you look so cute in that beanie!


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