So... Yeah!

"It's the freaking weekend, baby, about to have me some fun!"
Name the song!

I made it through the week... and obviously you did too!
Ha! I have been working hard so I can leave on Sunday morning for a week long vacation. I wanted to have all of my loose ends tied up so I can just relax next week. And blog. I have a couple loads of laundry left and I have to pack. I may clean my house before I go as well. Throw in a GIRL'S NIGHT tonight and a date night on Saturday and I have every moment planned until I leave.
That is just how I roll these days. :p 

Now tell me, how does a so cal girl, that is not a huge fan of the snow, pack for a week in COLD, Snowy weather? I am kind of freaking out! Is wearing faux fur coats with everything appropriate or totally obnoxious? Either way, I will probably rock it.

A low of NINE DEGREES?? Holy Hell!

  Thinking of bringing this and another fur.

 In preparation for Christmas dinner, I picked up this wine. It is amazing and from the Macaroni Grill. Who would have thought? I am not even a fan of red wine, but this may have changed my mind. Have any of you tried it? The bottle is GINORMOUS and I bought two. No biggie!

 Any of you Baseball fans? I am a huge fan and was VERY EXCITED to hear that Josh Hamilton is signing with the Angels! This is going to be an amazing year! Merry Christmas to all Angels fans! 
(Josh Hamilton in any baseball pants is quite a sight, BUT in an Angels uniform it is pure perfection)
This is why I love my Dad... He is loyal to a fault. He grew up in the Midwest and is a Royals fan even though they are not a very good team. At all. Since he has lived in So Cal for more years than he has in the Midwest I try to convert him to an Angels fan, since those are the games he ALWAYS took us to growing up. He refuses. In fact, he would be a Dodgers fan if he were to ever adopt a So Cal team. He is quite a guy! ;)

Happy Friday, my friends!
Thanks for reading this random post.
Have a FABULOUS weekend!

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  1. Oh I wish I could have some snow! ...nice coat, ..looks very warm.

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