What I Wore: Blonde Leopard

I am writing this after watching our President be announced, followed by spending a little time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am more emotional than I thought I would be, probably because I am older and wiser. Watching the coverage and seeing the vast thoughts is a little overwhelming. I LOVE the opinions that line up with AND differ from my own, I respect the decision that America made even if I am disappointed and I put my trust in the Lord knowing that this is a part of his plan. I am happy to play a part in using my voice and voting.

Onto more superficial news... I am somewhat blonde again! I was SUPER blonde for about 89% of my life and after utilizing the Ombre trend to grow out my natural hair color for the last two years I was ready for a change! I will never be platinum again but this subtle, more natural blonde I can handle. Let me know what you think!

You have seen my Instagram posts and blog posts about this Leopard Print Shift from Target. It is seriously my favorite. I wore it to the Dancing with the Stars taping a few weeks ago and wasn't able to take pictures. I recreated the look because I wanted to make sure that I shared the outfit with you all. Since the print is super dramatic I kept it simple with nude pumps and a statement necklace. I am going to be rocking this dress all Fall/Winter long. You all need it. Yes, need. In your wardrobe. 
<3 LOVE <3

Blonde Leopard

 What I Wore:

Dress: Merona Leopard Shift (sold out online BUT I have seen it in stores still)
Shoes: YSL Mary Janes, old (Similar, Similar, Similar)
Necklace: Kendra Scott 'Harlow' in Purple (same necklace in White, Turquoise)



  1. Yeow!! hottie!!! Loving the new hair color!

  2. Loving the leopard and those sexy nude pumps! Found you over at WIWW.
    I'm feeling a bit emotional as well right now. Definitely dissapointed with the results but what can we do I guess..

    1. I'm with you on the emotions following the elections. I'm about to block a couple friends on fb who can't seem to quit posting about the win. One even said she didn't want to see any more negative comments about her posts. If she'd just quiet down and give us a break she wouldn't have negative posts. : . : but what I really intended to say was . : . I love that leopard dress and the blonde hair. Keeping some darker always adds depth, seems to grow out easier, and just looks more natural and yet still brightens your face.

  3. Your dress is beautiful and you look wonderful in it!! And I love leopard print! Came to visit after seeing you on WIWW.

  4. I love the pop of color you added with the purple necklace. An unexpected detail...

  5. Love the unexpected pop of color in the necklace! Fabulous!

  6. Holy hannah those heels are hotttttt! And I totally love that dress :)

  7. I was emotional watching the results come in as well. I am so proud to be an American, so many moves forward for freedom and equality.

    The Blonde looks good.


  8. stopping by from Wiww! Love that dress, you can sooo rock it. Can't beleive its from target!

    I was kinda shocked by how overwhelmed i was last night too, its such a huge decision! But your right it's in God's hands regardless.

    Happy wednesday

  9. love the hair, love the leopard, love the outfit, and love your positive mindset :)

  10. oh.my.ghad. shut up with that hotness.. Xo Megan

  11. um hello skinny minnie! that dress looks great on you! and i love your new hair. see you saturday!

  12. love love love this outfit! the dress with that purple necklace is fabulous and I wish now I had purchased it!
    those shoes are super fierce and your hair looks great!

  13. I love this dress and think it's one I tried on a few weeks ago - unfortunately it didn't work out for me:( And your hair looks so good!

    Pink Chai Style

  14. i've seen lots of bloggers knocking this Merona dress out of the park - I love it - so classy. You look fab!

  15. yowza!!! How gorgeous do you look- seriously, like a million bucks. I LOVE the blonde on you and that dress does you nothing but favors.

    I'm sorry you were disappointed with the outcome :( I am really happy that the election is over, it was all getting so volatile. People (rightfully so) have such strong opinions about Politics but it's just difficult with social media- and I lump myself in with that too.

  16. Yay! I love this outfit. Great shoes and the dress is an amazing find from Target. Your hair color is perfect! :)
    the fashionable ESQ


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