Today marks the 4th time that I will be voting in a Presidential Election. That makes me feel so proud. I know how blessed we are to live in a country that has so much freedom. We are surrounded by brave men and women who fight for us, our country and our freedom on a daily basis. I will ALWAYS be so Thankful for their sacrifices. I don't talk Politics much, unless I am close with someone. I hate the negativity and anger that Elections bring. I don't feel that the issues are debated fairly and half the time we are arguing different issues that we will never agree on. BUT with that said I LOVE that we are able to all have our own opinions, feelings and needs that can be spoken freely. I TRULY believe that every person MUST participate and VOTE! It is so important to be in the know and to have a say.


I spent a half an hour on the phone with my Dad last night going through the Props and discussing each one. I love that we can talk through and discuss issues. He gives me so much insight and it is such a bonding moment. We have done a version of this "political date" every Election. I have my book filled out, my notes have been made and I am excited to VOTE and get my sticker! Look for an Instagram pic late this afternoon. Obviously ;)

Regardless of what your stance is, what your beliefs are or how you vote...
Just know that I am praying that you exercise your RIGHT!

 I leave you with some Election Humor!
I cannot wait for this! LOL



  1. yes, yes, yes! Love all of these (and really can't wait for the election to be over to be honest). It was fun voting on Sunday, i took my time with each issue/candidate and was pleasantly surprised that my true choice in each matter never ran a consistent line of Democrat or Republican.

  2. Thank you for promoting voting! I am so ready for the commercials to cease!



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