PEOPLE Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive: Follow Up

Writing the posts for PEOPLE's Magazine Annual Sexiest Man Alive issue has been the most fun I have had in the blog world in a LONG time! I say that because getting to really interact with so many of you seriously warms my heart! I LOVED reading your comments, getting your tweets and even texts about the Sexiest Man.

So without further ado!

This year's People's Sexiest Man Alive is...

(this is my hash-tag that I used on Twitter and Instagram. I think it's funny) 
 I mean, WHY?!?! He is SO damn SEXY! Robbed TWO years in a row!

While it may seem that I am SAD about Ryan not winning I am NOT COMPLAINING that this year's winner is...


If Ryan had to lose to someone, Channing is a good man to lose to! This man has been HOT, HOT, HOT all year long. And I am not just talking about his looks! He has had so many movies come out, he produced and inspired his movie, 'Magic Mike' and he comes across as humble and EXTREMELY likeable. I always enjoy watching him do press! PLUS he can dance and has a body that won't quit. 

Were you all as pleased as I was?

After picking up my issue at my local CVS I headed straight (I drove, no running like I previously mentioned. Haha!) to Chipotle to eat and DROOL read the issue! I sat there for minute just taking in all of the pictures and sighing happily! Then I Instagrammed the pic below and might have mentioned how LUCKY I am to read and blog about sexy men. This is my life! Love it!

I flipped right to Channing's article. Well I looked at his photo spread THEN read the article but you totally understand why, right? Then I flipped through the whole #SexiestManAlive section. I LOVED how the broke up some of their segments! "Fifty Shades of Grey" showcasing the Silver Haired Foxes of Hollywood. "Celeb 'Staches" featuring our favorites with some facial hair. "Hot Dogs" showing off the relationships between Man and Man's best friend! My most favorite pics are featured below.
 Top Left: I LOVE this pic of Channing. But I really loved that he loves to sing and dance around the house with his wife. Loving, Cute, Sexy and just too adorable. What I wouldn't do to be a fly on their walls!
Top Right: TOO. MUCH. HOTNESS. All on one page. From my crush on Jake and his manly ruggedness paired with the bluest of eyes, to my eternal crush on the debonair George Clooney AND my LOVE for Country Music being represented by hottie Blake Shelton; I just about died when I saw this page!
Bottom Left: My ten year old self just about SQUEALED (or I literally did. In public) at this pic of NKOTB looking just as hot as I remembered and rocking the 'staches like NO OTHER. So happy!
Bottom Right: My man has some swag! Looking stylish as ever. Ryan and his pup are truly darling.

Channing has an entire year (and really, the rest of his life) to embrace this title. He is added to a long list of the most beautiful men! I hope that you will all head out and pick up the issue! It is a good one.

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