What I Wore: I Heart Cognac

I am SO excited for Thanksgiving! 
It is tied with the 4th of July as my favorite holiday! I am so THANKFUL for a short work week so that I can spend time with my family and friends out in Scottsdale, AZ. WOOHOO! I have already attended two Thanksgiving festivities with friends and I was able to avoid Gluten. Stuffing is my favorite and I was so sad to not have a single bite BUT very proud that I didn't succumb to temptation. Thank the lord for sweet potato dishes becasue I load up! So I am not too worried about eating healthy and avoiding gluten for the REAL celebration. 

Do you have a favorite dish?
What are your Thanksgiving plans?

I have to tell you guys that my love affair with cognac boots is alive and kicking. I am having a hard time finding outfits that DON'T look good with them. They are the perfect pop that completes the look yet still stands out.  I have LOVED playing around with neutrals, specifically black and gray, with the cognac. Most people would pair black boots with this look, but that was too tame for what I was going for. This may be a basic outfit but I think that it is just different enough to make a statement. As it gets cooler I think pairing a bright colored cowl or scarf with the look will be even sassier. Do you have a pair of cognac boots in your wardrobe? If not, buy them. Seriously. You need!

I Heart Cognac

What I Wore:

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  1. Mandy, congrats on avoiding gluten! Is everything going okay? I make a mean gluten-free chocolate chip cookie that tastes for real, so if you're in the market for a smattering of sugar just say the word. Have an awesome Thanksgiving in AZ and TAKE THE BOOTS ALONG!

  2. so cute... and i love all your facial expressions in these pictures!

  3. You and me both!!! I do love a pair of cognac boots and just bought my second pair last week.

    Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  4. What a great look, Mandy! I love the plaid with cognac. Have an awesome Thanksgiving, girl!


  5. love that gingham shirt and those boots!

    C's Evolution of Style

  6. You look fabulous. Fantastic boots too!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Those boots are fantastic! They just pop in these photos.

  8. I've been wanting a pair of cognac boots for a while now. Maybe it's finally time to just take the plunge and buy a pair because I love yours! You look fabulous!

    Hope you have a great holiday, my dear!

  9. Cute outfit!! And I agree about the cognac boots! I just splurged on some and I have yet to regret the decision!

  10. you KNOW i LOVE this outfit. can i shop your closet? please and thank you.

  11. The cognac boots are unexpected... and I love it! They look so good. I just picked up a fabulous pair from JCPenney on Black Friday and I cant wait to wear them with everything!


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