Happy Thanksgiving!!


It is my favorite Holiday and I am spending it with my family AND friends!
I am so incredibly happy to be on a getaway in sunny Scottsdale, AZ with my loves! Great company, amazing food and LOTS of shopping! Sounds like the PERFECT weekend to me!

This year I am SO SO SO Thankful that my life is 100% different, for the BETTER, than this exact time last year! Physically, Mentally and Emotionally I am stronger, I am so HAPPY, I have very little stress, I have an incredible home, the most supportive people surrounding me and lifting me up, working towards having the type of career that I have always wanted and I am more care-free and fun!

I am THANKFUL for:
  • My Family who loves me unconditionally, supports my decisions and encourages my dreams.
  • My nephew and niece for teaching me that love is so much more than a feeling, for bringing so much JOY to our lives and for solidifying our family unit.
  • My core group of friends who helped me get through my break up, lifted my spirits when I was down, encouraged me to find love again and supported my fitness journey
  • My job(s) that have shown me that I can work AND have a life, what being stress free really means, and helped me hone in on what my passion truly is.
  • My trainer for always being there, pushing me daily, telling me how incredible I am and recognizing that he had to get into my head for our process and transformation to really work.
  • My lord and savior who has given me the gift of GRACE, loving me even when I fight it and blessing me with such an incredible life! 
I wish you all the Happiest of Thanksgivings!
May you all be blessed!
XXO, Mandy

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