What I Wore: So Cal Fall

Happy Monday Friends!

I have two exciting things to tell you!

1. I have officially made it one week Gluten Free. 
2. It has finally cooled down to the low eighties and it's beginning to feel like Fall!

YES, I consider both of those things very exciting. Haha. Being Gluten Free has been very easy. SO easy in fact I feel like I may have been messing it up. I know that I haven't but I was just expecting it to be so much harder. I think the fact that I have already altered my diet so much that I feel like I am not giving much up anymore. I will keep you updated as the month continues. As for the weather, I am excited that it is cooling down but I am very sad to see Summer end. Summer is my favorite. It honestly depresses me when the sun sets by 5:30pm. Luckily I live in So Cal, so I cannot complain too much about the weather. ;)

Speaking of Fall, it drives me BONKERS that the LA and So Cal fashion bloggers have been wearing layers, jackets and pants making it seem like it has been Fall for about a month now. Yes, I am blowing their cover. It has been 95-100 until last Friday. I couldn't imagine wearing pants or shirts with sleeves let alone LAYERS! I want to bust out my cute fall clothes and boots like the rest of you but it just wasn't appropriate. In fact I have had this scarf for a few weeks, even though it is super thin and light weight, I just couldn't wear it until this weekend. Since I have had it for awhile I have thought of quite a few outfits I wanted to pair it with. I am a huge fan of Black and Cognac together. I wanted an all black outfit to be my blank canvas so that the scarf and my boots were the focal point. I love that this FRAAS Fair Isle infinity scarf is black and white because it can be paired with anything. I am still wearing my tank tops because it isn't that cool. The scarf was the perfect addition and right amount of warmth for what I was doing. I know that it will look good worn with layers in the true Fall and Winter months as well. So this my friends is how I am dressing for the So Cal "Fall" weather we are experiencing right now.

So Cal Fall

 What do you think of the FRAAS Fair Isle scarf? It comes in a variety of colors. Check out how my friend, Megan, wore hers. You can check out select styles from the FRAAS collection at FRAAS.com or Amazon.com. You can also order this style and other styles directly from the company by calling 212-575-0191.

What I Wore:

Tank: Mossimo (Pricey Similar)
Boots: Old Navy 'Wide Calf' (I have large calves and these fit with room! I am in LOVE with these boots. If you have a hard timing finding boots to fit you correctly, check these out. Seriously!)
Scarf: c/o FRAAS
Glasses: Oliver Peoples

*** Thanks to Lipton Publicity for the scarf, all opinions about the product are my own.***


  1. I live in my black Rockstars! The colored ones don't fit right, but the black and blue are amazing!

    Cute outfit!

  2. Ha! I love that you pointed out the weather and what other bloggers are doing! that makes me giggle. I've seen it too and have been like, where do YOU live that its that cool for all that?
    love the scarf

  3. for reals sister. it has been so stinking hot here! oh and i've been meaning to tell you that you can order most of the food from pf changs gluten free, and the fries at red robin are also gluten free (my nephew is gluten/casein free diet)

  4. Ugh... its been sooo warm in Florida too! LOL and I totally know what you mean about being excited that the weather is in the low 80's. The sunset in these photos is so beautiful!

  5. Stop looking for fierce, and I knew you were going to style that damn scarf better ;)
    Xo Megan

  6. hahah love that you blew their cover, hilarious. It hasn't been 95 but it's been pretty much like 85 degrees and SO sunny here! it's bizarre. I haven't really been able to dress super Fally yet.

    Love the scarf and how you did "SoCal" Fall. Perfect!

    Congrats on gluten-free!

  7. Cute look,love your boots

  8. Wow...those boots are from Old Navy!! I am loving your outfit with the scarf and the boots. I found you on The Pleated Poppy and I've been on your blog for almost an hour. I am now following you and when you get a moment come over and check me out. I can't wait to see what's next!


    1. I know, what a find on the boots, right? They were a great price and FIT! Thanks for liking what you see/read and for checking out the blog. An hour? Girl, you just made my week! I will def come check you at! I appreciate your comment!

  9. Question about your boots: Do you think they will last a few years or will you need to re-purchase? I have muscular calves, too, and it's hard for me to find boots that will even zip or pull on! Love the way you let them take center stage. I love Fair Isle, too. It's so hard to knit...

    Stopping by from the WIWW on The Pleated Poppy!

    1. Great question... I think that they can definitely last a couple years IF you don't wear them every single day! I also think that the weather will come into account. I live in So Cal so they won't get wet or have to walk through snow which will definitely extend the life. These boots zip up and have a stretchy panel. My calves are 17 1/2 inches and I had no trouble zipping AND have room. That's NEVER happened for me. They are $50 regular but you know they have a new code every few days. I bought them for $37. Even if I have to buy a new pair every year, I am saving money!

  10. Cute outfit! I love the scarf and boots paired with the tank. I live in SoCal too, and I'm still in sundresses! Except today since it rained...

    1. Thank you! I was pushing it by wearing pants and boots on that particular day. I only wore it at night so it justified. And yes, up until the last couple of days it has been shorts and dresses too! Gotta love So Cal weather!


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